And Then There Was SWTOR…

And then EA announced yesterday that Star Wars: The Old Republic was going to be microtransaction based.  Or maybe they didn’t.

There were both positive and negative reactions to this.

My own thought was, “Does that make it ‘Battlefield Heroes‘ in space?  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

So summing up, my reaction to SOE’s RMT announcement was, “Meh.”

My reaction to this retracted announcement merely dropped a letter and came up as, “Eh?”

3 thoughts on “And Then There Was SWTOR…

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  2. Tesh

    Bluntly, the only way they are getting my money for SWTOR is if they go with a Guild Wars model or a microtransaction or dual currency model, akin to Puzzle Pirates. I will not support a subscription game, no matter how amazing it is.


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