Station Cash – The Next Question

Station Cash, a real live RMT system, was introduced into EverQuest and EverQuest II this week much to the surprise of the players.

Those opposed to RMT in any form were, of course, incensed.  Much cancelling of accounts ensued, if you believe everything you read in the forums.

Myself, I was just underwhelmed by what was being offered and, as Mr. Zenke pointed out, the price point of some of the fluff for sale.  They certainly don’t seem to qualify as micro transactionsDarren’s response did not go into his usual fear of being “nickled and dimed to death” because prices start at a dollar. (Or a Euro, if you live in parts of the EU.  No doubt there is some sort of virtual fluff VAT that requires you to pay more for you Station Cash.)

But the next question that comes to my mind is, what other current SOE games are going to get an RMT fluff option?  We know all the upcoming titles will have it, but who else will get a retro-fit?

Or do any of the other SOE games have enough subscribers to warrant the effort of slapping on a Station Cash store?

Will there be Vanguard RMT fluff?  Matrix Online RMT fluff?

Who will get it next?

9 thoughts on “Station Cash – The Next Question

  1. Hirvox

    Actually, even WoW has buyable fluff like tabards, pets and mounts. Sony just cut out the intermediate part of buying trading cards. As opposed as I am to RMT, I don’t see Station Cash as it is as a big deal.The only questionable things for sale at Station Cash are the experience gain flasks. I haven’t played EQ or EQ2 myself, but from what I’ve understood, the leveling process is in a larger role than in WoW.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, EQ/EQ2 had the trading card form as well in Legends of Norrath. Not before WoW of course, but they had it. I think that the lack of outcry about LON probably helped cement the Station Cash deal.

    My only real bias against Station Cash is that it seems to have raised some people against SOE without really doing much to please people who favor RMT. That sort of half-hearted measure does not seem to be a winning hand to spring on your customers without notice.

    Now, will SOE spread the joy to their other current games? That is what we’ll find out on Thursday according to Mr. Zenke.


  3. Gareth

    Out in the real world Sony have just cut 8000-16000 jobs according to the news, so my guess would be that they were given an ultimatum by senior management – cut jobs or raise revenue.

    Hence this thing has been pushed into the game fast without consultation. I’m actually not too bothered about people getting XP pots etc, although they sound very weak for what you do get. The items although cosmetic are a bit more worrying, if they start dropping end level items in there then we can safely say that this is full on RMT – and players can expect to pay unlimited money.

    If though it remains just limited to fluff then I’m fine with it, since EQ2 is a top quality MMO (better imo then WoW which I also play) and I’d like to see it remain that way.

    I still think though that for at least the UK they would make a heck of a lot more money if they advertised, put games in stores, and treated old versions of games as 30 day gamecards (so that players snapped them up when they went bargain to clear the shelves). And from what I’ve been hearing its the same “cannot buy it in stores” situation over in the US.


  4. Thoreau

    Station Cash is not RMT. RMT is real money transactions between players. Station Cash is an example of micro-transactions. Small transactions between the game developer/owner and the player.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Thoreau – Do you have some definition somewhere that says RMT is only a player to player transaction? If not, back to the pond to write such a definition, with supporting arguments.


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