The Death of Prince Keleseth

Saturday night and we got the full team into Northrend again.  The lineup was:

70 Warrior – Earlthecat
71 Warlock – Bungholio
71 Priest – Skronk
71 Mage – Ula
71 Paladin – Vikund

And it was back to Utgarde Keep for us!

A level for most of us and some more equipment upgrades along with some research and the advice people offered after our last attempt made us confident enough to go for it.

As before, the initial forge area did not present us much of a problem.   We carved our way through that to the Proto-drake stables.  Here we avoided wiping, having had much practice fighting the beasts.

Drake Fight

Drake Fight

We lost Skronk once in a fight, but otherwise did well.

We fought our way through and eventually found ourselves back at our old familiar resting place on Prince Keleseth’s door step.  We made our plans, summoned our baby blizzard bears, and prepared to fight!

Here We Are Again

Here We Are Again

We cleared his four guests and then brought the action to the Prince.  And we were close.  So very close.

He was under 20% when the wheels came off and the inevitable wipe ensued.

Dead Again

Dead Again

Yet, this was as close as we had ever gotten to killing the prince.  We were enthusiastic.  We were ready.

And we wiped two more times.

But those two wipes were due to mistakes made early on in the fights.

Finally, on the fourth run, with a little bit of tuning to our original plan, it was down with the Prince!

The Prince Is Dead!

The Prince Is Dead!

In fact, the fight felt pretty easy the last time around.  Things went right and well all knew we were going to win by the time we had him half way down.

The one change Vikund made was to go with Seal of Wisdom for the fight rather than Seal of Vengence.  I do not know how much this helped turn the tables, but in the previous fights, Vikund ran out of mana, while in the last fight he was pouring out the concencrates (for those pesky undead helpers) and exorcisms through the whole fight.

Is there a group damage parser that works with 3.0.3?  I’d like to be able to tell how much a change like that made to the fight.

The prince was down and I could take a moment to admire his table, which turned out to be a map.

Northrend - You Are Here

Northrend – You Are Here

So, at last, we were able to move on.  Further into the keep we went until we ended up facing the next boss, or bosses, Skarvald the Constructor and Dalronn the Controller.

We had read ahead in our research and knew that the trick to this fight was that whoever you kill first of the pair comes back as a spirit and continues to kick your ass until you kill the other guy.  The recommended approach is to kill Dalronn first.

Or so we read.

The actual tip that we read said to try to bring down Skarvald’s hit points first, then kill Dalronn, then finish off Skarvald.  Unfortunately, we DoT’d Skarvald up good, so when we switched to Dalronn he died anyway, then came back as a spirit and pounded the crap out of us before we could finish off Dalronn.

Still, it felt like we were close.  A matter of timing as opposed to some huge flaw in the plan.  We did not have a soulstone ready quite yet, so we released and ran back to the instance, only to find…


Spoiled by the Outlands instances, which never seem to respawn, we were surprised to enter the instance and find it held in force against us again.  We had dawldled some in our progress through the instance, stopping for snacks, bios, doggie needs, and moving small, sleeping children to their beds.

We were able to get past the entrance without having to kill everybody and were able to sneak past the forges by hugging the walls.  When we got to the proto-drake pens, the first one we killed had respawned.  It was getting late, we did not want to fight out way through the drakes and such again, so we knew, with the soulstone available again, we would have just two more bites at the apple before we called it a night.

And we blew it both times.  Bad luck early in both fights, those events where you just know you’ve lost before the fight is even really under way, like the priest getting charges by Skarvald and Shadowbolted by Dalronn in the first seconds and dying because, oops, we forgot to buff fully.

We think we can manage it though, next time.   In the mean time Earl is going to go out and get level 71, upgrade some of his remaining gear such as his weapon.

We won’t be back this coming Saturday night however.  We’ll be short two players, so Keleseth, Skarvald, Dalronn, and friends will have to wait until the following week to get theirs.

11 thoughts on “The Death of Prince Keleseth

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Generally I do not have an uninterrupted three hour block of time during the week, and when I do, I usually don’t realize I have it until two hours have passed. So during the week my play tends to be solo or, if I catch a friend online, small group stuff.


  2. Herc

    Gratz on finally killing Prince.

    Piggyback on hudson’s comment.

    Recount parses Damage and healing done. So you might wanna check that out Hudson.

    It also counts overhealing, dps, total dmg, interrupts, dmg taken, dispells, decurse etc.

    It also goes into detail and breaks it down how many hits were crit, your misses, how many times u used that ability etc. It even gives you a pie chart!


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Hmmm… pie chart….

    I’ll look into it. Back when damage meters was working and supported, I used to send out the summaries after our instance run each week so we could see what was effective and what damage we were taking. We’ve been flying without that for a while.


  4. Rohan

    Out of curiosity, who’s your tank?

    I see 2 plate with shields. A lot of your problems might be with lack of DPS. Pretty much everything is balanced around 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 DPS.


  5. TheRemedy

    I can’t think of a way to say this without sounding like a jerk but here goes. Rohan’s right, if something doesn’t change you guys are gonna burn out. I can’t see how a weekly wipe fest would be fun for anyone, and these are just the beginning instances so it’s probably only going to get harder. You all had this problem pre-expansion and I don’t remember you all even tackling heroics.

    It’s probably best to drop your paladin and bring your hunter. That way the group will have a dps’er that falls between the mage and the lock, and you can bring a tanking pet if the group feels a need for an off tank. This is assuming you enjoy the hunter, which I figured you did if you leveled him to 70. If you don’t I don’t know what to tell you guys, other than stick to it.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I think we’re starting to see that, so point taken from both of you without any grumbling or resentment.

    It is just funny, over the course of the group’s progress, at times having the pally has been a boon, especially in the original Azeroth content. I switched out my rogue for the pally on a whim, but kept playing him because it worked.

    Then, in the Outlands, it varied. There were fights where we were not putting out enough DPS and other fights where having the off tank or extra healing made things work.

    Now, though, in Northrend, it seems like Rohan might be correct, that we need more DPS. We’re on the hairy edge where, if everything goes right, we’re fine, but a single mis-step really hurts. Fortunately, if it comes to it, I do have the hunter at level and enjoy playing him a lot.

    If that’s what we need, we’ll do it. The wipe fest hasn’t ground us down too much yet, but it will get old if it continues.


  7. Rohan

    There’s nothing wrong with paladin DPS. Just spec Retribution and get a 2H mace. Or have your warrior go Arms or Fury and have the paladin tank. You don’t really have to bring in the hunter if you don’t want to.

    The point is more that you really only need one person in that tanking role. Use crowd control and practice AoE tanking a bit, and you should be fine.


  8. *vlad*

    Yes, in a 5 man you really should only have one tank. Off-tank = loss of dps. That doesn’t mean a Retadin can’t be an off-tank, he can if needs be, but a 2H weapon is a must for dpsing.


  9. EdShift

    Funny thing – I play in a weekly 5-man instance group that’s been together for about 71 levels almost exclusively levelling in instances. We’re at very nearly the same stage your group is having despatched the third and final boss of Utgarde Keep this week. That was our third week of trying with only partial success last week.
    Our setup is warrior tank,holy priest, ret pally with 2 handed mace, rogue and hunter. – Our experience has been that the pally’s damage output was not great until Wotlk then it’s got a whole lot better. I think our group is pretty well balanced now against instances. Where we might be a little thin on really big aoe dps we have ample cc and really work hard at making that pay off for us. I have to say that although our pally is only doing around 2/3 the damage output of a pure dps class directly the difference he makes though buffs and some situational heals and the likes is often the only thing that gets us through. I’d say think carefully before substituting a hunter for your paladin. Loving the blog BTW – Top Stuff.


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