Reynaldo Fabulous says “Hello Norrath!”

It is about time for an update on my progress in Norrath.

As something of a recap, Gaff, Potshot, Ula, and I all rolled up new characters on the Guk server in order to get a fresh new start in Norrath.  We even went with Freeport

This post started off as something about managing to get four characters to level 20 while avoiding any “420” references, but while I was considering that, one of my characters passed the level 30 mark.

Reynaldo Fabulous, a berserker character I rolled up initially just to get a screen shot for this post ended up being quite a fun character to play.

Reynaldo in the Guild Hall

Reynaldo in the Guild Hall

I’ve held my fury, Torill, in reserve to play when we get a chance to group up, buy Reynaldo has become my solo champ.

I have played him through mostly “classic” content, the Isle of the Overlord, Freeport, the Commonlands, Nektulos Forest, and now into the Enchanted Lands.  Or the Littered Lands, as I tend to think of it.  I know everybody loves collection quests, but at times it looks like somebody’s homework got blown all over, with little pieces of paper everywhere.

I have seen some new things with him, like this guy in the Commonlands.

You are new here, aren't you?

You are new here, aren't you?

I forgot to put down his name.  He sure is big and glowy though!

And I got to see some old friends in the Enchanted lands.  I just love this quest.

fritz01 fritz02

And I even managed to get Reynaldo through The Return of the Light solo once he hit level 34.

Orc Mosh Pit!

Orc Mosh Pit!

Granted, it took a while… and six deaths… to finally spawn and then finish off General Drull at the end.  Not bad though, considering that Reynaldo was still wearing his tier 3 armor set at 34.  The feysteel longsword helped though.

All fun.

But our little coalition seems to be falling apart.

Real world deadlines have kept Ula out of the game for a couple of weeks, which has also kept Potshot out as well I gather.  Gaff, as usual, has completely run away from me in levels, hitting level 74 (with his group of three characters) about the same time Reynaldo hit level 34.  But even Gaff  is starting to lose steam it seems.

Which means that solo seems to be the path for me, and I am not sure I am up for that again in EQ2.

So Reynaldo Fabulous may soon be saying, “Farewell Norrath!” as this years EverQuest Nostalgia Tour comes to a close.

8 thoughts on “Reynaldo Fabulous says “Hello Norrath!”

  1. Green Armadillo

    Glad to hear that leveling solo is (relatively) viable, I’m probably going to be paying Norrath a visit in a month or two when I start running out of stuff to do in WoW.

    Does Guk has a good server population, or did you all just pick somewhere you didn’t have existing characters?


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I could not complain about the server population on Guk, at least in lower level areas. There were always a couple of at level people in any zone I was in.

    The experience curve has been shortened considerably, at least to level 35. I’ve been trying to run quests to level, so I can keep my AA points going as well, but Gaff just started grinding mobs and leveled up like crazy.


  3. Gaff

    I don’t know if I’m running out of steam–I just made it to 75 with the guard and am out in the new content from Shadow Odyssey. I am a bit distracted with LoTRO. I signed up again and want to do some leveling there as well :)


  4. Doom

    The big glowey guy in the commonlands is part of the questline to gain access to Deathtoll; on the way through the most epic questline in the game… but its name escapes me now. He’s been around since Kingdom of Sky expansion, but he only appears when someone on that part of the quest has spawned him as he gives the player a quest to accomplish within the commonlands (and then he disappears when its over).


  5. Kilanna

    Oooh… I wish I had known you were about on the weekend… Kil would have come for a run and healed for you too.

    Also pls feel free to look me up ingame – especially if you need the services of any of my crafter girls. Now I have gone to the trouble of leveling them it would be such a shame if they just sit in the Pax guildhall.

    PS What ever happened to Blintz?? I know he is over on Crushbone but will you move him across to Guk if there are ever more free server transfers?


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    More free server transfers? Was there ever such a thing in EQ2?

    If there were transfers at a reasonable rate I would move over Blintz, Vikund, and Nomu, my three highest level characters on Crushbone, and possibly Selirus my ranger. But at $50 a shot, they are staying where they are.

    What sort of craftiness do you have available?


  7. Kilanna

    *blush* I need to state for the record

    My name is Kilanna and I am a Tradeskillaholic.

    I have one girl covering each of the 9 tradeskills. 6 are now at lvl 80 and the last 3 (Tailor Woodworker and Provisioner) are now in the mid 60s and on their way to 80 as quickly as vitality will permit.


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