Daily Archives: December 16, 2008

A Golf MMO?

In one of those minor moments of daily synchronicity, shortly after reading the write up over on Nerfbat about NHL 09, an email hit my inbox regarding another sports MMO.

The email was from one of the team at Skill Technology.  They are developing a game called GimmeGolf which was described in the note as an MMO.

Which, to me, seems to be stretching the definition of MMO a bit.

Yes, GimmeGolf does appear to be a multi-player online game, but massive?  Do we have a threshold for that description?

In golf you play in groups of four, so at most you will be playing with three other people.  Yes, you can be in a tournament against many other people, but at the end of the day is the tournament result any different from rankings on any number of other online games that don’t claim to be MMOs?

And then there are the things we tend to expect with an MMO; a persistent world of some sort, character customization, and character development over time.  Aside from a record of your play, GimmeGolf does not appear to have much to offer in this regard.

Okay, I am biased and tend to apply MMORPG definitions to all MMOs.  But NHL 09 clearly has those sorts of features while it feels like Skill Technology is really stretching the point.