Daily Archives: December 17, 2008

Know Your WoW Code

It was inevitable, I suppose.

To those of us old enough to remember when Usenet was cool (or at least actually readable), this will look a bit like the Geek Code of years gone by, a set of symbols that graced many a signature block back in the day.

Over on the Eye of the Storm blog, Typhoon Andrew has created a new internet self-classification code to reflect those with a passion for World of Warcraft.  Call it the WoW Code.

My own code looks like this:

N: Vikund, M:PPa71, Mb: 5/53/4, Mr: Hu, Alt= Hu72, Ro42, Dr41, Pr40, S: Eldre’Thalas-US-Pve, GO: Twilight Cadre, Pvp–, Pve++, Y2005.3, D+C, Ori-Scholo, TBC-Seth, L, RP-, C=Hu++  V0.2

Of course, the code has not been perfected yet.  It lacks, for instance, any mention of trade skills.  And then there is the overlap of “Hu” for both Humans and Hunters.  You can decipher the two from context, but you shouldn’t have to, if only for the sake of clarity.

I’ll be looking for an “EVE Code” somewhere in the blog pack, if it does not exist already.

What other game could use a code?  Maybe a meta code to cover all MMOs?

Of course, once complete, I have the same problem with such codes as I do with forum signatures: Where should I use them?  I don’t actually post on forums much these days.

I do know that I won’t be sticking this code in my resume, that’s for sure.

[Addendum: Zero Kelvin points out that there is already an EVE Geek Code.  I figured there would be.]