Daily Archives: December 18, 2008

Retaking Weathertop

Saturday night found the usual instance group… missing.

Skronk and Ula were in Vegas, so the rest of us took the night off from Azeroth.

Instead, Gaff and I spent the evening adventuring in Middle-earth.  The four of us, I have one account while Gaff, in his usual modus operandi, was running three, met up in the Lone Lands where we both had a series of fellowship quests to finish off.

I think the lure of Moria has set in on Gaff.  I know I feel the urge when I read stuff like this.

We decided to start off with Retake Weathertop, one of the book quests that follows the tale of the Lord of the Rings.  Between us we had a level 24 champion, a level 27 hunter, a level 24 guardian, and a level 24 minstrel.

Waiting Below Weathertop

Waiting Below Weathertop

While we were getting set up, Gaff found another pair looking to do the quest, a level 25 guardian and a level 22 lore-master.  I think this might have been the first time I was in a full fellowship.

And, being a full fellowship, and a bit over level for the task, we rolled on, taking out all comers and defeating the might cave troll at the peak or Weathertop.

Cave Troll Defeated!

Cave Troll Defeated!

That done, we moved on to the tasks that Radagast hands out, starting in on the next book.  After the first two, we entered into that whole “the problem with strangers” part of the night.

Our lore-master was too low level to get the next quest in the Radagast line, so she and the guardian were going to run off an do a couple of side quests to get her a level, at which point she should be able to join in.

The guardian also asked if Gaff could log off one of his characters so one of his guild mates could join in for the next stage of the quest.  Gaff had been up early and was ready to call it a night in any case, but I said I would stick around Ost Guruth in anticipation of doing the next stage.  My champion was closing in on 25 and I wanted to get him that founder’s horse to which I am entitled.

Gaff logged, the other two ran off, and I wandered around Ost Guruth looking for things to do.

I was actually out of solo quests in the area, having only a hand full of fellowship quests to run down, so I spent my time mining, doing trade skills, and working on local achievements by killing spiders and the like, checking in once in a while with guardian about when they might be headed back.

After two hours had passed and they still weren’t ready to proceed, I began to sense that additional quests weren’t going to happen.  The two hours were not wasted.  I picked up three titles, got to the next tier as a prospector and a weaponsmith, as well as hitting level 25, but I have to admit, if I had not stuck around Ost Guruth, I could have done all that in about an hour

At least I can go collect that horse for my champion now!