Retaking Weathertop

Saturday night found the usual instance group… missing.

Skronk and Ula were in Vegas, so the rest of us took the night off from Azeroth.

Instead, Gaff and I spent the evening adventuring in Middle-earth.  The four of us, I have one account while Gaff, in his usual modus operandi, was running three, met up in the Lone Lands where we both had a series of fellowship quests to finish off.

I think the lure of Moria has set in on Gaff.  I know I feel the urge when I read stuff like this.

We decided to start off with Retake Weathertop, one of the book quests that follows the tale of the Lord of the Rings.  Between us we had a level 24 champion, a level 27 hunter, a level 24 guardian, and a level 24 minstrel.

Waiting Below Weathertop

Waiting Below Weathertop

While we were getting set up, Gaff found another pair looking to do the quest, a level 25 guardian and a level 22 lore-master.  I think this might have been the first time I was in a full fellowship.

And, being a full fellowship, and a bit over level for the task, we rolled on, taking out all comers and defeating the might cave troll at the peak or Weathertop.

Cave Troll Defeated!

Cave Troll Defeated!

That done, we moved on to the tasks that Radagast hands out, starting in on the next book.  After the first two, we entered into that whole “the problem with strangers” part of the night.

Our lore-master was too low level to get the next quest in the Radagast line, so she and the guardian were going to run off an do a couple of side quests to get her a level, at which point she should be able to join in.

The guardian also asked if Gaff could log off one of his characters so one of his guild mates could join in for the next stage of the quest.  Gaff had been up early and was ready to call it a night in any case, but I said I would stick around Ost Guruth in anticipation of doing the next stage.  My champion was closing in on 25 and I wanted to get him that founder’s horse to which I am entitled.

Gaff logged, the other two ran off, and I wandered around Ost Guruth looking for things to do.

I was actually out of solo quests in the area, having only a hand full of fellowship quests to run down, so I spent my time mining, doing trade skills, and working on local achievements by killing spiders and the like, checking in once in a while with guardian about when they might be headed back.

After two hours had passed and they still weren’t ready to proceed, I began to sense that additional quests weren’t going to happen.  The two hours were not wasted.  I picked up three titles, got to the next tier as a prospector and a weaponsmith, as well as hitting level 25, but I have to admit, if I had not stuck around Ost Guruth, I could have done all that in about an hour

At least I can go collect that horse for my champion now!

10 thoughts on “Retaking Weathertop

  1. Mallika

    I just started the trial for LotRO a few days ago and have since ordered the gold edition of SoA (I’m in Europe, and the 45 days + Bree horse sounded great). I decided not to get Moria yet, as I still have a long, long way to go and I plan on taking my sweet time exploring … plus I’m not really interested in the two new classes so I might as well wait, and when the time comes that I actually need the expansion it’ll be cheaper so win-win all around for me. :)

    LotRO is quite the change from WoW, I must say. It feels more slow-paced in a good way — in a “come, read your quest text and wander around looking at things while you go to your next objective” way. I adore WoW, of course, but since my husband stopped playing it hasn’t been the same for me. So I’ll be puttering about in Middle-Earth and it’s kind of a refreshing change. More laid-back, somehow, and it seems there’s less pressure to get to the level cap and whatnot.

    I found it a pleasant surprise that my server, EN-RP Laurelin, actually had lots of people running around the introduction/start areas.

    I still miss WoW from time to time, but I don’t seem enthusiastic enough about it to want to continue my subscription. In any case, I seem to just go into WoW, make my daily minor inscription research, and log out, which doesn’t make resubbing such a great idea — at least not for now.


  2. Talyn

    It’s definitely a more relaxed atmosphere. In WoW I quickly got caught up in the whole “go! go! go! level! level! level! raid! raid! raid!” mentality. LOTRO doesn’t have that, and I don’t miss it. I can do whatever I want, even if it’s just exploring, or going to festivals to get new decorations for my house, or crafting… whatever… that sensation of “I must be gaining XP or I’m wasting time” isn’t there.

    I thoroughly enjoy just joining in the conversations in OOC or GLFF on my server, meeting people, I’ve only had one bad PUG experience since launch and I PUG quite a bit. It feels ok to just “be” in LOTRO and I haven’t had that feeling since the old days in SWG.


  3. Mallika

    Talyn, I would have commented on your blog too but for some reason your commenting system tells me that I’m a spambot. Heh. I wanted to tell you that the classes I am thinking of focusing on are the lore-master, captain, and minstrel — same as you. Guess we like similar things. :)


  4. Mallika

    And yeah, I love the whole relaxed atmosphere and not feeling pressured to level up or get epics. That ‘it feels ok to just BE’ atmosphere is really wonderful. :)


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yeah, I think we tried it as a foursome and got stomped. That was one of the problems we had in our first venture into LOTRO, our regular group was only four people but anything flagged “fellowship” was tuned for six people.

    I think we went back and completed it as a group of four, but only after we had out leveled the quest by quite a bit.


  6. Talyn

    @Mallika: You’re kidding? That would explain things a bit, I suppose. I’m not seeing anything in Akismet’s spam folder so it must be the new spam plugin I was trying out; it’s deactivated now. Sorry about that, but thanks for letting me know it’s not “working as intended.”

    Yeah some of the fellowship quests used to require 6 level-appropriate. Now I think it’s been tuned (for the most part) to 4+ level-appropriate in the group, at least for the public in-world fellowship quests. The instanced stuff… probably best with a full group just in case, especially the Book ones. There are some exceptions though, but as you progress through the higher Books in Volume 1, they get tougher and tougher. Doing Book 15, Chapter 12 (the final part of Volume 1) at 50 when Moria launched (ok, so it’s listed as a level 52 fellowship quest but still…) was by far the hardest fight in the game at the time. The mobs were as tough as those in the Rift raid but the raid is 12 players and you only have 6 for that quest. Waiting til 52+ made a difference, but still… it’s as highly scripted as a raid encounter and you have to pay attention and be on your game. Very challenging, but fun and rewarding — one of the many rewards is a new mount! And it’s a “strong mount” like the reputation horses and can take more hits before being dismounted.


  7. Jaggins

    I’ve been playing LOTRO since beta, and the game has really matured into a very pleasant experience! Moria is very well done, there is just a certain “flow” about the new content that is very refined! I found I got a little sick of lonelands/Ost Guruth by the end, but there are plenty of other options in the high 20’s/low 30’s!


  8. Khan

    I remember that Weathertop fight. It was potentially a real bear back when I was that level. Glad to hear they may have toned it down a bit. There’s a couple of really hard Book quests in there too.

    The nice thing in Moria is that there are three-man instances and a couple of short 6-person instances. Turbine seems to be mixing it up a bit from their previous instance styles.

    I think LotRO is maturing quite well. As mentioned above, while it’s fun to quest and level and all that, it’s also a lot of fun to just visit Bree or craft or decorate my house. Exploration is a lot of fun too. Playing a burglar helps a lot in that respect as I can sneak around most places without worrying too much about the mobs.


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