Fifty and Fabulous

It seems like just the other day that Reynaldo Fabulous was level 40 and thinking about starting the heritage quest for the Legendary Journyman’s Boots.

Oh, wait, it was just the other day.  Monday in fact.

And now it is Wednesday and Reynaldo has turned fifty and is still fabulous.

I mentioned on Shut Up We’re Talking episode #40 that having access to the Revelry and Honor guild hall pretty much felt like cheating.

Frankly, the way experience has gone for Reynaldo, the whole game feels like cheating!  And I love it!

Did I miss an announcement about double experience for the holidays?

I’m a progress and achievement addict.  I am often most driven by that little experience bar.  When it’s pace quickens, so does my pulse.

Yes, at times it does seem like a whirlwind tour of Norrath and perhaps if I had not been there and done that in most of the zones so far I might feel a bit cheated, leaving so many grey quests behind and all.  Or I might feel the need to create an alt and do it again.

And speaking of tours, Reynaldo stopped killing things once he hit level 49 and traveled to 50 solely on discovery experience.  A run through the Desert of Flames expansion was good for 97% of that level.  He just had to peek into the Island of Mara to get that push over the edge to 50.

All that discovery experience was good enough to get him past 40 AA points as well.

I cannot imagine that the pace will continue to be so brisk.  Still, going from a character I rolled just to get a screen shot to my second highest level character ever in EQ2 has been quite a heady experience.

The main problem is keeping up when it comes to gear.  Kilanna just made me this fulginate suit and now I need an indium set.  And about the time I managed to harvest my first ebon cluster I need to start grinding for some cobalt.

I was considering dropping EQ2 to try to focus on making it to Moria, but now the game is like a novel I cannot put down.

3 thoughts on “Fifty and Fabulous

  1. Steve

    yes…grats! I found myself turning off combat XP at level 10 just so I could enjoy the pace of the game the way it was designed to be played. Recently, SOE cranked up the xp gain so that players would be able to reach their new content faster. A poor decision, IMHO.

    Anyway, forget the hamster wheel of MMO leveling, and enjoy the journey of EQ2…it is an awesome one not to be missed by powerleveling!


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I agree that there is a lot to see. On the other hand, I now have five characters between levels 42 and 62, so I have to admit that, while I have not seen every last ounce of the sub-50 content, I have seen a lot of it, so a whirlwind tour is probably all a need to stoke nostalgia and get myself set for some of the more recent stuff.

    Do you still get AA experience with combat XP turned off?


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