Daily Archives: December 29, 2008

Fabulous Gifts

After posting that Reynaldo Fabulous had hit level 50, he found a gift in his mail box the next time he logged in.  Kilanna had run him up a suit of induim armor to bring him up to tier 6 spec.


The coloring happens to be perfect for adventuring in the Sinking Sands.

Then, later that day, guild-mate Jute (who has many characters whose names start with “Shay” and who appeared on SUWT #39) sent Reynaldo a fabulous Frostfell suit for his appearance tab.


The helm he had on hand.  It seemed to fit the look better than the indium helm.  Now he just needs a tower shield with a fir tree on it to finish off the look.

Thanks to Kilanna and Jute for keeping Reynaldo Fabulous… well… fabulous!