Daily Archives: December 30, 2008

Orcs Versus Pirates!

In a complete abuse of my parental influence over the action of Santa, Santa’s minions, and certain grandparents, Christmas this year ended up with our household receiving no fewer than eight substantial LEGO kits.  This was helped along by Toys R Us having a “buy one get one free” sale on selected LEGO sets.  I know I am going to end up paying for this somehow, but for right now my daughter and I are having a lot of fun.

Included among the kits were two ships, the Pirates themed Brickbeard’s Bounty (kit 6243) and the Castle themed Troll Warship (kit 7048), which has already lead to the best sea battle match up ever; Orcs versus Pirates!

Avast Ye Scurvey Orcs!

Avast Ye Scurvey Orcs!

Okay, I know in the LEGO universe, they are trolls, not orcs.  But look at the little guys.  We all know they are orcs and it is just that big guy in their ship that is a troll.

Both kits are very nice and have good projectile weapons.  While I admire the ingenuity of the troll missile launcher, the cannon that come with the new LEGO Pirates kits are simply awesome.  I am talking about “put an eye out” if mis-handled sort of firepower.  I am glad we have three more LEGO Pirates kits to assemble, so we should have plenty of cannon to go around.  (Though I am tempted to buy a couple of this kit just to stage a small Napoleonic battle.)

I’ll post some more pictures when we get them all assembled, and when our new digital camera, which is supposed to take better indoor pictures, gets powered up.

Anyway, I think there is an untapped game play mechanic here in Pirates versus Orcs.  Or maybe that will be the next World of Warcraft expansion.