Andy’s BBQ – The Best

Since Grimwell is handing out BBQ advice for San Diego, I thought I would add my own recommendation for here in Silicon Valley.

And that recommendation would be Andy’s BBQ, now on El Camino Real at San Tomas Expressway in Santa Clara.

Seriously good BBQ.

I have been eating there my whole life.  But then, like me, it has been around since the valley was still more farmland than anything else.

One of the toughest times of self-control for me was when I worked up the street from them.  The temptation to head over for another brisket lunch was huge… and I would have been too if I had done it very often.

The brisket platter, their spicy BBQ sauce, a baked potato with the works (okay, hold the cheese), and an order of mushrooms and I am a happy man.

Maybe we should have a blogger BBQ meme.  Who wants to go next?

12 thoughts on “Andy’s BBQ – The Best

  1. James

    Andy’s is good when you go there but they cooked at the Silicon Valley Code Camp this year and the food was awful. If you are going to eat Andy’s I suggest going there and not having them cater an event.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I must admit to having seen varied results when Andy’s has catered events. Some times it is as good as being there, other times less so.

    On the other hand, when it hasn’t been up to snuff, there has usually also been odd circumstances, such as one event where the people running it had the food delivered when the event started, but then didn’t let us eat for two friggin’ hours. That’ll take the edge off of anything.

    But for sitting down or taking out I have had maybe two indifferent results in the last 20 years.


  3. Oakstout

    Any idea of a good one in Los Angeles? I’m headed out there the first time ever in Feb. and would like to find a good place to try while there.

    Since I’m from North Carolina, one of the leading BBQ states, it would be nice to try something different than what I get at home.


  4. Tipa

    Used to be a place called Armadillo Willy’s, I think in either Saratoga or Sunnyvale that I LOVED, totally fantastic brisket.

    For real BBQ, though, the Texas BBQ in Castroville (somewhat south of you) could not be beat.

    I miss California. Especially in winter.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author


    (Said in that “NEW YORK CITY?” tone of voice from the Pace Picante salsa commercial.)

    Actually, I know a number of people who really like Willy’s, and they do serve Shiner Bock beer, but there isn’t anything on their menu that I just have to have. (Except for the Shiner Bock, but I can get that at Safeway.)

    Of course, that could be because their “Tri-Tip Tuesday” was practically a weekly event at our office for a while, so I might have burned out on it.

    Then again, I survived weekly feeds at Andy’s too and still hunger for their stuff.

    And yes, I know Castroville… artichoke capital of the world or some such silly claim, no?


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Alan – The wife and I tried Sam’s BBQ last night. It was good, but still a notch below Andy’s. The brisket was tasty and tender, but the portions were a bit skimpy. A brisket platter from Andy’s is enough to feed the two of us and comes with a giant baked potato and bread that has been toasted over the grill, so it has a smokey flavor to it. I probably don’t NEED that much food, but I’ll eat the leftovers for lunch for a couple days and be happy.

    If I lived around the corner from Sam’s, we’d probably eat there all the time. But since Sam’s and Andy’s are almost the same distance from our place, we’ll head to Andy’s.


  7. Alan

    I am glad you liked it. I have not been to Andy’s, but am occassionally down in SJ. Next time I am around and not wearing a suit, I will look them up.

    One more comment about Everett & Jones… this is the first BBQ place I have ever been where the sides are as good as the main course.


  8. Andy

    I used to work at Andy’s. The barbecued food can be hit or miss because everything is first cooked in the big smoker. That then gets thrown into the walkin fridge. Then when a customer orders, it gets cooked again on the grill in the restaurant.

    So if you happen to order on the day it’s first cooked, you’re in luck.


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