Arming for Utgarde

We did not get back to Utgarde Keep last Saturday.  Skronk and Ula could not make it, so Bung, Earl, and I rolled around Howling Fjord for a while doing some quests.  Both Earl and I used alts as were are both starting to creep away from the rest of the group in experience.

The big surprise of the night was, after doing the quest The Cleansing at the top of a mountain, we failed to notice that completion of the quest gave us the spell Slow Fall, so we were quite surprised when, riding the steep paths back down the mountain, our mounts seemed to take flight.

Not A Flying Mount

Not A Flying Mount

I have to hand it to some evil genius at Blizzard who slipped that one in, because it fooled us!

We did not stay on too late, but Bung is closing in on 72.

Meanwhile, I have been working on some of the suggestions people gave on last week’s post.

I respec’d Vikund to retribution again, following the path outlined at Elitist Jerks in their forum on paladins.

This will be his third time going down the retribution path.  I keep changing back to protection because I am, I guess, and old school paladin who, as Skronk puts it, “never dies, but neither do his enemies.”  I am good at protection, I like it, I am used to it.

Retribution, on the other hand, will take me some work to get used to.  I have to figure out a good cycle of attacks and how to manage my power, because it seems to drain away too quickly.

Following that up, I went out to the auction house and bought up some spiked cobalt armor, which is bit on hit rating and strength to help boost my damage.

Same Style, New Color

Same Style, New Color

And then I got myself a big old spiked club with which to beat on things.


That was the biggest I could find.  Not as cool as that board with a nail through it I had once, but it means business.

And, finally, I have been running a couple of daily quests on a regular basis to improve my standings in hopes that one of the quartermasters might have something nice for me when I get to revered.

My regular run is Break the Blockade, the one where you bomb pirate ships from a captured zeppelin.  Not that I haven’t had my own issues with the quest.

Paladin in the Water!

Paladin in the Water!

I hate when I forget that my avatar is faced one direction and the camera another.  And you cannot even bomb the pirates from the water.  At least I got to say hello to the fjord penguins.

Howling Fjord Penguins

Howling Fjord Penguins

They didn’t seem to hold a grudge for all the times I tried to bomb them.

The other daily I run… daily… is Steel Gate Patrol which has the advantage of being fun and yielding up two super health potions on completion.  I know you can only use one potion per fight, but when I am down to 2 or 3 in my bag, I tend to put off using them until it is too late.

I know others in the group are looking into honing their own DPS after last Friday’s post, so if we get together for Utgarde again this Saturday, we should do better.

9 thoughts on “Arming for Utgarde

  1. nerrollus

    Man, I got to tell ya… I don’t miss WoW at all. lol

    WoW was great to play for the time I played, but I just can’t imagine playing it anymore. Glad you guys are enjoying it though. ;)


  2. Green Armadillo

    FYI, for whatever reason the Valiance Expedition and Explorer’s League do not currently have their own faction rewards. They DO contribute 50% of their rep to the Alliance Vanguard, which has a handful of rewards:

    Personally, I don’t care enough to chase after any of the above, so I gave up on those dailies for the time being.

    If you finish the quests in the Walrus town, you can start on one of the dailies for the Kalu’ak, who actually have rep rewards (which are actually attainable well before 80):


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I’m actually almost revered with the Kalu’ak with my hunter (who has done a lot of the Kalu’ak quest lines), but just hit honored with Vikund. I’ll have to go add that seal mating quest to his daily list. I want that fishing pole!


  4. Darraxus

    For a DPS rotation just remember to Judge on Everycooldown, Crusader Strike on every cooldown, and Divine Storm on every cooldown. You will be busting bad guys up in no time. Also make sure your weapon skill is up to par before you head into the dungeon or else you will not be doing much of anything.


  5. Greg

    Mana as Ret does tend to fluctuate a lot, but every time you judge, you should be getting 15% of your base mana (which is what you have if you have no intellect on your gear) back.

    If you just use Judgement, Crusader Strike and Divine Storm, you shouldn’t find yourself going out of mana, or at least doing it very slowly.

    Consecration is nice, but will eat your mana.

    One good thing about having so little mana is that if you are low, a Super Mana Potion will give you back most of your mana. I’d recommend getting a lot of them and not being afraid to pop one if your mana gets low.

    Also, unless you’re using Seal of the Martyr, I’d get Seal of Command and use that. Particularly if you pick up the glyph for it, it’ll still give you nice damage without the self-hurting that Martyr does. I still use Command most of the time at 80 to save the healers from having to heal me as well as the tanks and the AoE dmg.


  6. TheReaper

    From my experience, consecrate can make a huge difference in ret dps (unless you CC alot, but its still like 300 dps on a single mob at 80).
    Even though always keeping up cons is costly in the mana department, if you judge on cooldown (for ret, judging is a mana regen with free damage attached, after all) and use Divine Plea every time it is ready (one of the greatest spells paladins ever got imho) you should be fine.
    Another tip that seems obvious but is easy to overlook is to use your cooldowns whenever they are ready, don’t save your avenging wrath or trinkets for a rainy day, use them now.
    All of this makes the rotation on my ret paladin pretty straightforward, keep cons up, judge on cooldown, otherwise use exorcism/holy wrath if applicable, holy storm for multiple targets, crusader strike for single.


  7. *vlad*

    Kaluak rep is very easy to get. There are 3 dailies (that I know of), and each one gives you 500-550 rep, so getting to Exalted is quick, and the bonus is their QM has a lot of Plate gear.

    No pressure, but I expect you to firmly top the damage meters on your next trip to UK, take the boss down without too much trouble, and then next stop will be the Nexus, a very nice instance indeed.


  8. Windrunner

    Fishing pole is cool. The thing I found was that you could get rep with some factions (Kalu’ak) long before you could wear the gear (level limit) and some factions take so long to grind rep that you have better gear before you can get the rep gear (Hodir, Ebon Blade).

    Glad you found some of the tips helpful. Good luck.


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