Finding King Ping

I ran down to Kamagua last night to do the daily quest there to start in on Vikund’s faction with the Kalu’ak, because I am serious when I say I want that Mastercrafted Kalu’ak fishing pole you can buy when you hit exalted with their faction.

I picked up the daily quest The Way To His Heart… which involves fish and aquatic mammalian love… and ran off to do the deed when I ran into a giant fjord penguin standing on the beach.

As I got close to him, I found out he was aggro as he started attacking me. I fought back and took him down, only to get an achievement pop.

All of it happened so fast that I did not get a screen shot of any of it, but here was the achievement.


It turned out that I had run into the legendary King Ping!

He looks pretty much like the fjord penguins in the screen shots from yesterday’s post. Perhaps he wasn’t taking my penguin bombing antics lying down.

And King Ping was nice enough to drop the Egg Warming Blanket of the Invoker and an abandoned adventurer’s satchel which yielded 20 pieces of frostweave cloth and nearly 25 gold.


Not a bad reward for such a chance encounter. I will have to see if the Egg Warming Blanket of the Invoker is an upgrade for any of the casters in our group Saturday night.

8 thoughts on “Finding King Ping

  1. Darraxus

    Unless the Mage is in epics that will probably be a pretty substantial upgrade to what they are wearing. Same goes for the Warlock if they are Destruction.


  2. Grayprince

    In my opinion he is the rarest tamable pet in the game. Loque’nahak and the other cats and Skoll the dog do not compare to him. You can tame regular versions of the cat and dog.

    King Ping is the only tameable penguin in the game which makes him extremely rare. I see so many Hunters walking around with Loque’nahak and Gondria it is getting quite annoying, but I never seen a single Hunter that has King Ping as their pet.

    Maybe they do not know about him or are too focused on catching one of the spirit beasts. Or they may have underestimated his rarity all along. Regardless the reason I hope to catch him sometime, but unlike the spirit beasts he is way bigger of a challenge. If I remember right Loque’nahak runs on a 6-10 hour spawn timer. While King Ping runs on a 24 hour spawn timer. Not to mention the dalies you do with the Kal’ak run you right into his spawning areas.

    So when he does actually spawn he does not stay alive for very long.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I’ve actually have three characters now who have found and killed him. He’s a little easier to find these days now that Cataclysm has reduced the number of people in Northrend.


  4. Anonymous

    The reason you have never seen a hunter with King Ping as a pet, is because he is NOT tameable.


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