Threshold RPG and Wikipedia

Muckbeast has posted a writeup about the trials and tribulations of trying to create and keep alive an entry about the MUD Threshold RPG on Wikipedia, the event that set off much of the brouhaha about keeping MUD history alive that even I posted about the other day.

A tale of politics, ambition, spite, and retaliation, it stands as another example of the “game of Wikipeidia” vs. “the ideal of Wikipedia.”

1 thought on “Threshold RPG and Wikipedia

  1. Beau

    I think it’s safe to say that people should have never leaned so much on Wiki, or put so much effort into it. A community driven project will always end up with lots and lots of d-r-a-m-a.

    Also, there are a million sites and blogs that keep this history alive. Hell, I read some of them and they have it down pretty pat.


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