Thirty Million Skill Points

I have not done much in EVE Online over the last two months.  Work, the holidays, other games, and being sick have all conspired to keep me from leaving the station in EVE very often.

But, with EVE, you can always progress while sitting still thanks to their skill training system.  I just crossed the thirty million skill point marker, putting me only seventy million skill points behind one of the most trained guys in the game.  If only he’d stop and let us all catch up.

I seem to be on a steady pace with skill points.  I hit twenty million skill points about seven months back, and ten million skill points about seven months before that.

And what have I been training over the last seven months?  Wilhelm’s skill points are divided up as follow:

Engineering:       5,738,540
Spaceship Command: 5,172,255
Science:           3,733,898
Trade:             3,224,591
Industry:          2,426,441
Learning:          2,001,963
Missiles:          1,662,223
Mechanic:          1,165,016
Gunnery:           1,061,607
Social:            1,011,275
Electronics:         998,658
Leadership:          680,544
Drones:              656,785
Navigation:          454,434
Corp Management:      11,770

It looks like a lot of stuff in the engineering tree.  Engineering went from 6th on the list last time around to first place by a fair margin.  Of course, engineering is where all my shield tanking skills are located, always useful for a Caldari pilot.

Spaceship command also went up a decent chunk as I skilled up to fly battleships and to prep for the freighter I never purchased.

As a percentage increase, leadership went up the most, going from 8,000 points to 680,544 points.  That increase mostly reflects getting Mining Foreman V (512,000 points alone), along with working on some of the fleet combat boosting skills.

So while science, trade, and industry all went up some, I appear to have spent most of the last seven months working on combat skills.

Wilhelm has 170 known skills, only up 10 since I hit twenty million.  I guess I have been concentrating on improving my current skills versus chasing new careers.  The skills are spread out as follows:

Level 1: 20 skills
Level 2: 18 skills
Level 3: 30 skills
Level 4: 61 skills
Level 5: 41 skills

The biggest jump seemed to be in level 5 skills.  I now have 15 more skills capped out.

There were a couple I needed to prep for that oft mentioned (but never purchased) freighter and then I started working on shield related skills while I was semi-idle and just running a mission now and again.  Level 3 skills actually went down in number, while the other levels went up a bit.

And, of course, the metric against which we all measure ourselves:  After the last seven months of training, I am almost exactly 22 days closer to being able to fly a Titan!

Go me!

I should be reporting on forty million skill points some time in late July/early August if I keep up this pace.

7 thoughts on “Thirty Million Skill Points

  1. syncaine

    I’m sure someone with the exact figure will comment, but I believe a few pilots are already well above 100m skill points.

    Giving up hope on buying that freighter?


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Given up hope? That would imply that I lacked the ability. I have the ISK and am literally less than 2 hours away in skills.

    No, I could buy the freighter today. I just wouldn’t be using it for anything at the moment.

    If I get back into commerce again, I’ll probably buy it, but for now I’d rather just keep my ISK in case some random neuron fires and I suddenly decide that I must build a space station or some such.


  3. saylah

    Wow congratulations. Certainly puts my peon skill training into perspective. I’m at like 1.5M. *Hangs head in shame* But I’m back in the game again and training away. I’m still struggling with finding my economic niche. I need medium effort with average reward sort of thing – consistent cash flow. I’ve started salvaging with more knowledge about how to do it than last time and that’s cool but I need something MORE EVE-like. Ya know???


  4. Captain Braddock

    For those that not aware there is now a certificate system in eve.Very helpfull to plan your skills and not skip one

    and a good indicater for ships to as they now have a list of certificates recommanded to be able to fly the ship correctly

    it won’t make you isk but it will make damn sure you got a good skill setup on your char

    Fly safe all


  5. dave

    I tried Eve for a while and while I thought it was ok, it always bothered me that I could never be as good as the people played the game since the beginning.

    While I like the training methods, I dislike the feeling that I can never catch up.


  6. Captain Braddock

    eve is not about catching up and the difference isn’t the same as say in ad&d where a lev 4 is never going to win from a lev 8

    here it’s about career choise and opening options in the game
    i mean most skills only have a5% influnce per level
    so at bast if you have 0 and trhe other has lev 5 there is only a 25% difference.And besides who cares its one world everybody can meet everybody and there are alwys more people with less skills then you.
    heck most guys with the huge amount off skillpoints are station hugers only doing trade and such
    and as they come out it will be in such a big ship dat you won’t care about it becaus probaly you won’t bee in a large alliance doing a fleet battle for a 0.0 station or pos
    The benefits of eve is that its scalabel
    you can go as far and as long as you want or just stick to fliendly has both options

    so put your dislike aside and join us , i’ll promise EVE will be the only game that has you shaking and sweating behind your screen and your hart racing like you ran the 100 meters dash. no other game has ever done that for me (( this situation mostly happens when you fly thru 0.0 on raid gang trying to get your first kill :)
    afterwards it gets worse :p


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