Level 20 in Middle-Earth

Tistann, my captain, made it to level 20 on the Nimrodel server.

I was worried about how long that journey might take.  My memories of the first time around seem to put the time much longer, but then your first time to level 20 is always long because you are learning the game.

In addition to my already knowing, or mostly remembering, the ropes of the game, Turbine has done a lot to smooth out game play and make the transition into the game easy.  The first 8-10 levels pass by very quickly.  The only hitch I found was missing a few quest lines because I ran off in the wrong direction at one point.  But that was a matter of my memories betraying me.  If I walk past a series of quests I ought run to start in on some a bit above my level, I can hardly blame the game.

After 12, things slowed down a bit, but I was still able to make a level or two if I sat down for a reasonable amount of time.  Hitting the game every other night or so ensured that I had enough rest experience to make the next level just a bit easier.  Quest experience is always the bulk of a level, but it is still nice to get a double dose of experience each time you make a kill.

And level 20 seems to be a significant level in almost all games, dating back to TorilMUD in my case.  My captain got a couple new skill, including the option to get a different ally and the ability to wear heavy armor.

For a new ally, I had a number of choices, including females.  With that available, I left behind Mr. Shabby and hooked up with a hot red head from Rohan.  She has a temper and is a mean drunk.  Here she is up on the table in the Prancing Pony after far too much mead looking for a fight.

Anybody else have something to say about tempers and red hair?

Anybody else have something to say about tempers and red hair?

I was going to name her Isolde, which sort of goes with Tistann, but after that brawl at the bar, I decided to name her Veruca, as she is worth her salt in a fight.

Heavy armor at 20 was a bit of a mixed blessing.  As it turns out, for player crafted armor, level 21 is the next tier, so I could either armor up for a level then do it again, or just press on with what I had to hand and arm up in a serious fashion at 21.  I chose the latter, though Gaff sent me a couple of pieces he had on hand to add to some of the heavy armor drops and quest rewards I had set aside.

This gave me better armor, but left me looking quite mis-matched, as you can see in the picture above.  Fortunately level 20 also grants access to the appearance tab, so I can stabilize my look, or at least find a decent hat.

Speaking of people making me things, Adam of Witty Ranter made me an awesome fishing pole.  It was good enough that it has a name.  Screw Anduril, Orcist, or Sting, I have ShoreThrasher, catcher of fish!


In the end, 20 is only a waypoint on the path to greater things.  Somewhere in the distance Moria awaits.

Is it this way?

Over there?

If I can find the way.

12 thoughts on “Level 20 in Middle-Earth

  1. mbp

    Gz on hitting the big 20 Wilhelm. I have a question – are you going fully solo or can you still find groups to help out with low level quests?


  2. Mallika

    Love my captain as well — I always liked versatile classes. She goes by the name Laeranor — “summer sun” in Sindarin. She’s Gondorian, so that rather necessitated going over various Sindarin dictionaries and tearing my hair out trying to find a good name that wasn’t taken on my RP server. So difficult, that.

    My captain is level 18 at the moment and wearing the tough leather armor set (which is medium) that my tailor crafted, and I completely forgot about the whole heavy armor thing. Now she’ll be an even tougher cookie. :D


  3. Ravious

    Good luck with the next ten. It’s not hard, but for soloing you really have to hop between Lonelands and North Downs. If you just stay in Lonelands until you finish Book 2, well it really sucks.


  4. Green Armadillo

    LOTRO’s appearence tab is a better feature than I would have figured. Not that I dislike the distinctive armor set I put together on my Champion, but it’s interesting to note that I could dress up in (Middle Earth) street clothes and look like a swashbuckler rather than a heavily armored tank-like character if I was so inclined. I almost wish I’d rolled female, since the dress options look better than the non-dresses.


  5. Khan

    Gratz on 20! I’m curious how Turbine’s efforts at bridging some of the content has gone (in the 30s and 40s mostly) so I’ll be sure to stay tuned once you get there.

    I started my first serious alt since my burglar (a hunter) so it’s been a while since I’ve seen the lower-level stuff. I’m hoping by the time I hit Evendim, they’ve added some kind of transportation around that blasted lake. A boat or a horse or a catapult or something.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @mbp – I have been more focused on catching up with the rest of the kinship, which has meant sticking mostly with the solo path. However, the LFF channel usually has a group forming for fellowship quests if I am on during prime time and I have ended up joining a couple to knock out a quest I might have otherwise bypassed.

    @Ravious – I know what you mean. I have to get a little further along in the Lone Lands before I jump over to Trestlebridge because a couple of those first quests there are tough at level. You have to be prepared to fight 3 mobs at once at times in the orc camps. But then that poisoning the water supply quest in the Lone Lands is the same thing unless you hit the varied camps just right.


  7. jaxom92

    @Khan – Unfortunately, no swift or guided travel across the lake. It’s still “Everswim.”

    @TAGN – Glad to hear you’re enjoying your time. It seems like you’re enjoying the captain so far. I fell in love with the class the first moment I started playing and haven’t really looked back since. I appreciate the more strategic thought required in combat, especially in a fellowship. It really adds a whole new dimension when you’re both on the front lines as a melee fighter, but also have to watch to see how the whole group is fairing.

    Good luck in the post 20 endeavors! I think 20-40 can sometimes feel like a slog, so hang in there and take your time to enjoy the world. I recommend going out to Amon Raith in the North Downs *before* Trestlebridge (when you’re the appropriate level, say 23-25 if memory serves). The quests there seem to be easier than the Trestle quests of the same level.


  8. Stefson

    I have to admire your persistence.
    I played LOTRO for a while, and I found it to be a rather slow and lonely process. That’s what you get for being a slow leveller. Nice game, but not for me.


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I saw something about that guide up on Massively the other day. It is pretty general and, aside from the class quest details, there is not much in it I had not learned getting my guardian, Nomu, up to level 30 on Windfola.

    I do boggle at the price of a mount though. They are covered in the guide as part of travel. I have yet to scrape together a gold piece on any character so far. I am glad I at least have the founder’s mount at level 25 to which to look forward.


  10. Scott

    On my Lore-master, Minstrel and Hunter, I reached the 4.22 gold for the mount *just* prior to reaching level 35. (I also have the sloooooow Founder’s mount, so that helps.) But they wear light (LRM and MNS) and medium (HNT) armor. My captain and every other heavy armor-wearer in my kinships pay too much in repair bills and are usually 37 before they can afford their mount.

    That’s without playing the gather + work the AH game, though; I’m not much of an AH player.

    Ironically, shortly after going broke buying that first mount, you’re adventuring in areas where you gain money more rapidly and recoup your expenses rather quickly. Well, at least we light armor-wearing classes do. The heavies have a rough go of it no matter what.

    Despite all the swimming (they’re considering adding a “ferryman” NPC in one of the updates this year) Evendim is still one of my all-time favorite zones in the game. I love the music, the scenery… and I loved the Annuminas content and instances before they raised the level cap. Even though it’s not one of the epic books, if you work your way up to the Tomb of Elendil, by all means get a group for that if you can! It’s a lot of fun and *very very very* challenging for a level-appropriate group. Matter of fact, I helped a kin-mate do it when I was 54 and we had 2 60’s in the group, the other 3 were proper level and the group wiped before I entered the instance.

    Oh, and if you have the time, get in a Fornost group too. Great fun, challenging, but that was one of the original “big” dungeons before they added raid locks to the non-raids so… plan on a 5 hour jaunt in there unless you have some level 50+ characters helping out. But still, it’s nice to see how they start some of the “bigger” stories in a quest, take it into a dungeon, then continue it further in later epic book lines.


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