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WoW Patch 3.0.8 – Small Details

With Patch 3.0.8 Blizzard has improved the summary page for achievements so you can better see where you stand, or where you have been focusing.

Vikund's Achievements Summary

Vikund's Achievements Summary

Vikund obviously does not care about his reputation or PvP.

But even more important, the paddle wheels on the ships to Northrend now actually move now!

The Ship Now Has A Wake!

The Ship Now Has A Wake!

There is also steam coming out of the smoke stacks too!

And there is even a crew aboard, with a captain!

Captain John Brookman

Captain John Brookman on the run to Howling Fjord

I have felt since day one that the paddle wheels on those ships should move.  Having them still while the ship was in motion looked goofy and was, in my mind, quite un-Blizzard like.

Yeah, those are tiny little details, but I often pay more attention to details than the big picture.