WoW Patch 3.0.8 – Small Details

With Patch 3.0.8 Blizzard has improved the summary page for achievements so you can better see where you stand, or where you have been focusing.

Vikund's Achievements Summary

Vikund's Achievements Summary

Vikund obviously does not care about his reputation or PvP.

But even more important, the paddle wheels on the ships to Northrend now actually move now!

The Ship Now Has A Wake!

The Ship Now Has A Wake!

There is also steam coming out of the smoke stacks too!

And there is even a crew aboard, with a captain!

Captain John Brookman

Captain John Brookman on the run to Howling Fjord

I have felt since day one that the paddle wheels on those ships should move.  Having them still while the ship was in motion looked goofy and was, in my mind, quite un-Blizzard like.

Yeah, those are tiny little details, but I often pay more attention to details than the big picture.

14 thoughts on “WoW Patch 3.0.8 – Small Details

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Hrmm… the crew wasn’t there on day 1 I am pretty sure. But I could be wrong.

    The paddle wheel though. I actually caught the boat to Borean Tundra once by running, jumping, and hanging onto the paddles.


  2. Morane

    On the horde side the verbal exchanges between the crew of the zeppelin that runs between Orgrimmar and Undercity are quite humorous. You can also talk to the crew, though I’ve not found any alliance that say anything interesting. The captain of the afore-mentioned zeppelin says something like :

    “I can understand people making a fuss if a captain crashes his ship 22 or 23 times. Anything less than that just isn’t worth talking about.”


  3. *vlad*

    What’s this? NO Achievements in Reputation? Not even one faction Exalted? Noob!

    I love the Goblin crews. One of the Goblins deliberately calls his captain by the wrong name.

    I hope you now have your Hearthstone set in Dalaran. Catching boats should be a thing of the past.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The first time I have ever even considered trying for exalted has been with the Kalu’ak. Vikund is about half way through revered at this point. He is also close to exalted with Stormwind, but what is the point?

    I tried to get to Dalaran, but Vik and Tistann are only level 73, so cannot get there by themselves, and I don’t know anybody to port me there, so it is the boat for me. (You can see that one of my recent achievements is exploring Crystalsong Forest. I did that while trying to get to Dalaran.)

    Vik is actually still hearthstoned in Shattrath.


  5. Spectre

    You could just ask a mage to port you. Most will do it if you offer them a few gold. I get asked every 2 minutes when I’m in a major city that ISN’T Dalaran and I usually say yes for 5g.

    As far as 3.0.8, it’s too bad the negative way outweighs the positive so far. Wintergrasp was causing crashes to our server every 10 minutes so they have disabled it and the arena as well. On top of that, Utgarde Pinnacle is completely unfinishable due to bug introduced with the Skadi encounter where it bugs out and despawns every single time. How does stuff like this get into a patch?


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yeah, I’ve been reading about some of the 3.0.8 issues. From the noob’s eye view, still level 73 and casual, none of them seem to affect me, but it sure seems to be a black eye for Blizzard’s patch approval process.


  7. Stoico aka Impadin

    Like all these small things. As these are what makes the world alive. And a fantastic place to be, just actually blogged about a book I found, which amused me quiet a bit, (Hope its ok I link it here, or ofc just remove it.)

    About the patch, it sure has not been bug free. The weird things that the whole community knew it, and sure blizzard knew it as well. But why they let it out, I really cant figure out. It seems to me, that after the Activision take over. Blizzard have made some “to quick” decisions. That being on there own, or pulled over em by the top (Activision).


  8. *vlad*

    “He is also close to exalted with Stormwind, but what is the point?”

    About as much point as any Achievement is.

    Well, not quite. Repair bills are cheaper when you are Exalted with a faction, and seeing as you are wearing Plate, any saving on your repair bill is a good thing.

    As a general rule I don’t grind reputation, although I have in the past; notably Furbolg rep in Vanilla WoW to get me through the tunnels, and the very vexing Outland rep required to get into Heroics (before they decided it was unfair to ask you to get Revered, and lowered it to Honored).

    Of course, these days with ‘tabard rep’, things are even easier. Stick the relevant tabard on, visit a Heroic, and gain 1500-2000 rep a time.


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I’m with you on the grinding rep, unless there is a seriously nice carrot dangling on a stick.

    Of course, I have to go and figure out what I would actually need to do to gain rep with Stormwind. The Kalu’ak are easy, there are a couple of daily quests sitting there in Northrend that get me 1000 rep closer every day. Stormwind though, I’ll have to go research. It ought to be easy, but I have to figure out where to start.


  10. *vlad*

    Most quests in Elwynn Forest, Redridge, Westfall and Darkshire will net you good rep with Stormwind.
    If you have done those already, then Arathi Highlands and Southshore will help.
    Always check your quest-givers; if they are of a certain faction then you are very likely to get rep for that faction (stating the obvious I guess), and don’t forget other factions can give you bonus rep outside the starter areas (Darnassus, Exodar, Gnomeregan quest-givers).


  11. Beezor

    There’s actually 3 daily quests that earn rep with Kalu’ak, giving you 1500 points a day. One of them is over in the Borean Tundra. Makes it pretty easy to get that cool fishing pole! :o)


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