A Milestone Doubled

Back in early September I hit an EVE Online milestone having amassed one billion ISK.

Saturday night when I logged into EVE, I was a bit surprised to see I was closing in on the next milestone.

My wallet showed:


And, thanks to some overnight shopping, when I got up Sunday morning it said:


Two billion ISK!

I actually worked… well, not hard… but rather diligently to lay the groundwork to get that first billion.

And the next 500 million was pretty much momentum.  I kept stuff up on the market, ran some missions, and did some kernite trading.

But that last half billion, that was almost all Badgers, warp core stabilizers, and Widowmaker missiles.

There was also a bit of tech II sales going on.  Nothing big though.  Mining crystals and expanded cargoholds are what I dabble in when it comes to invention.  When you’re not playing every day, you don’t get so hung up in how long it takes to make copies of blueprints or build up a supply of datacores.

However, I am now running out of some raw materials.  I cannot keep making Badgers or other items unless I start buying minerals on the market or get out there and mine some more.  Since they key item I need of late is Tritanium I hate to bother paying market prices when I can just go out and mine veldspar.  So it is time for me to get the Hulk out of storage and start burning down some asteroids.

I also have to put one of my plentiful raw materials to work for me.  All that ISK just sitting in my wallet is not doing me any good.  I set out and placed over 50 million ISK in buy orders right away to restore my sales stock.

Of course, that meant I had two billion ISK for only a short while.  A pile of it is in escrow.  But that is just seeds for the next billion.

And I seem to have a whole pile of kernite sitting out in the middle of nowhere.  I may yet want to invest in that freighter.

12 thoughts on “A Milestone Doubled

  1. Wensley

    Congratulations! Puts my rather pathetic wallet that never seems to cross the 100 million mark to shame. They do say that the first billion is the hardest :)


  2. Shirrath

    Yeah, the first billion is the hardest.
    I tried mining for a while.. until I realized that I need way, way more minerals than I can mine myself, even when armed with an alt and an extra monitor to watch movies on.

    In any case, it’s all about the opportunity cost. Ask yourself: Is mining the most profitable activity that you can do at that moment? If it is, go right ahead. Otherwise you should buy your minerals.


  3. dave

    Millions of starving pirates out there and you are hording wealth.

    You’ll be the first one up against the wall when the revolution comes! :)


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    “You’ll be the first one up against the wall when the revolution comes!”

    If I had an ISK for every time I heard that… Gaff says it to me regularly, if I don’t say it first.

    Actually, Gaff usually says something like, “In every station and constellation, lists of the disloyal have been compiled.” My position on the list is usually first.

    I should probably look into something like EVE-Bank to make sure my resources are working for me.


  5. Letrange

    Gratz on the second billion in liquid isk. I still need to get to that first billion but I have hit a personal high of 830mil – although that went “poof” quite quickly. Think I’m at 30mil or so atm – mind you I do own an extensive BPO collection (safely in a high sec station) including a researched Typhoon BPO. So althought the wallet is kinda lean, I’m not exactly in the poor house by any means.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Oh yeah, a good BPO with a chunk of material research on it can be a money making machine. Make single run copies, sell them via the contracts mechanism, profit!


  7. DeltaTango

    It doesn’t make any difference whether you buy the mins or mine them as long as buying and selling orders of mins are not very different (and usually they aren’t). What you mine is worth as much as you could sell it for.
    Time is money, also in a game.


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @DT – True enough, and if you have seen my posts calculating the cost of items, I always take into account the market price of mineral I acquire through mining. There is no free lunch.

    On the other hand, with tritanium going for over 4 ISK a unit in my area, I might just mine Veldspar, refine, and sell the results rather than producing anything.


  9. Gribblethemunchkin

    As a ship builder (i build and sell battleships) i’ve been hit hard by the increase in tritanium prices, as you say Wilhelm, up to 4isk, more expensive than pyerite somedays.

    My personal best wallet is 471mil. Quite a bit off 2bil. Seems like i’m always finding ways to reduce my wallet too. I’m saving for a frieghter atm but need to buy a fully pimped out hulk first.

    Oh well, money is for spending. Although i’d very much like more of it TO spend.

    Hulk next, then a Charon frieghter, then a nightmare, then….. It never ends.


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