Daily Archives: January 25, 2009

A Busy Sunday in New Eden

The EVE Online Insider announced a new record for concurrent players recently in New Eden, with 45,186 people logged in at one.

But when I logged in this morning, they had already beaten that record:


45,855 is a lot of people in space.

We will see if there is a new record announced tomorrow and how many people were really on at one time.

EVE Online seems to be continuing to grow at a steady pace.

Does Your Wii Make Noise?

If that isn’t too personal of a question.

I ask because the optical drive on our Wii started making considerably more noise than it used to a couple of months back.

It is not a horrendous noise, but it is considerably louder than it used to be.

And, yes, I am sure it is the optical drive and not the fan, which I understand to be the only other mechanical thing in the Wii.

I wouldn’t normally bring this sort of thing up.  Optical drives start making noise some times.  It does not always mean the device is close to failure.  I have a drive in our lab that has been making a huge amount of noise for the last three years.

But just the other day a co-worker of mine mentioned that the drive on his Wii had started making a lot of noise, which made me wonder if this is an issue for others.

Of course, my Wii is coming up on its second year with us, so I am sure it is out of warranty, but I still wonder if this is a known issue with the unit.  I poked around a bit on a couple of forums, but did not see much on the subject.

So how is the optical drive on your Wii doing?