A Busy Sunday in New Eden

The EVE Online Insider announced a new record for concurrent players recently in New Eden, with 45,186 people logged in at one.

But when I logged in this morning, they had already beaten that record:


45,855 is a lot of people in space.

We will see if there is a new record announced tomorrow and how many people were really on at one time.

EVE Online seems to be continuing to grow at a steady pace.

14 thoughts on “A Busy Sunday in New Eden

  1. Stefson

    For me EVE will always be that big scary MMO.
    I’ve always wanted to give EVE a shot, but it seems so … huge and complicated … I have no other words for it.

    Going in as a newbie in the world of EVE now would seem like total suicide no?

    On massively.com there are some nice guides/articles about EVE and new players, but when you check out the comments for reactions to the author/article it’s mostly ‘dude what are you on , new players get shred to pieces’ etc …

    Oh, and gratz on the 2 billion. How does it feel to be a (virtual) billionaire?


  2. Deafplasma

    Stefson – one word for this – rubbish. Look at many of the Alliance tournament teams – you can fly most of those ships competently with only 4-6 months training in-game.

    Take a trial and see what you can do in the 2 weeks – myself or I imagine The Ancient Gaming Noob can provide you with a “buddy” code. EVE isn’t for everyone – but I personally enjoy it!

    EVE is a game that takes months to learn too. The thing is, as my old corporation saw, you shouldn’t be aiming at getting into PvP as a new player, concentrating on missioning for raw combat practice and learning how to fit ships correctly. One new joiner to the corp was wondering why we all couldn’t just undock and fight a guy from a corp who had declared war on us – he didn’t realise we wern’t undocking simply because none of us had a ship to counter the setup he had with us in the system in question – NOT because we didn’t want to fight – the older players *knew* we’d be completely outclassed despite having a 5x numerical advantage.


  3. Eric

    Makes you wonder where all these people come from, they can’t all be alts ? And will they keep playing ? Eve isn’t the easiest game to get into ;).


  4. DeSlisser

    @Eric – Can’t all be alts. I am a subscriber on and off (very much anticipating Walking In Stations). Currently subscribed, but not that active. Log in for training and some trading or an hour of mining in highsec (13 mio skillpoints atm). There must be players more like me. Then you have the casuals that actually spent time playing some evenings or weekend days and your variations of hardcore players. (which I would say Wilhelm is too… no offence meant ;p).

    If the number of players are gradualy increasing I would say it is a mix of alt and actual new players.

    @Stefson – Imho trying out EVE is very painless. You wont get shredded to pieces. Try out the Trial (think there is a 5 or 10day one) on the eve-online website. Complete the tutorial and join up with a group like EVE University or some other Corporation that seems nice. Groups like EVE University are actual players that have made it their mission to help out new players to get to now the game (and they enjoy it!).

    Scamming and such does exist in EVE. It can happen to anyone by anyone.


  5. syncaine

    I think 45k+ beats the Second Life record for players right?

    Either something changed in Xfire, or that last EVE “come back” campaign was hugely successful, because their statistics shot up big time over the last month, although they are steadily declining now. I’m guessing a ton of people took the opportunity to check it out again, and enough stayed to set the new record.


  6. bluelinebasher

    I have to hand it to Eve marketing — or whoever produces those web ads of Eve Online. Makes me want to play. I enjoy Eve a lot, but it’s hard to describe — I don’t know if it’s a sickness or what, but ultimately the payoff in Eve is hard to compare with other games.

    @Stefson — what little advice I can offer. 1) Try the game, it’s free to see if you like it or not. 2) The pacing is slow. Adjust to it. If you’re expecting a hop in PvP fest/free respawn, you will be upset. 3) Set aside time and do the tutorial. 4) Get used to checking online resources on the web, it takes research to play effectively until it becomes old hat [for me it has become old hat to check online]. 4) Once you get started, set your own goals, and work towards them. 5) Find a like minded corp that fits your style. 6) Don’t be afraid to leave Empire space, just fly what you can afford to lose out there.

    Try not to get discouraged, everyone makes mistakes out there.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Stefson – I would not characterize it as slaughter of the noobs, though preying on noobs is a popular sport for some. Just assume everybody is trying to rip you off and remember that making enemies in the game came be a long term commitment.

    Anyway, the complexity of the game is much more likely to drive you off that other players. You should go ahead and try it. Once you get your feet wet, you’re likely to quit. But once you know something of EVE, when you read about it you’ll have a different perspective. You may find yourself coming back to the game at a later date to give it another try.

    I know several people, including myself who tried it, walked away, thought about it, then came back and really started playing.


  8. Stefson

    Now my interest is really piqued.
    I’ll take your advice and try out the 14day trial from the EVE website. If not it’ll be an interesting experience.

    I’ve read a lot about EVE and it’s ruthless PvP, so I pretty much had this thing in my head to *not* try that if I ever gave EVE a shot. The complexity of EVE pvp is really mind boggling.

    For example I give you this.
    I have this friend who plays EVE for a while now, nothing hardcore, but he’s a dedicated player. At one moment I’m at his place watching him fly around in his brand new cruiser. His corporation joined a new alliance or something and he had to go help out on a battle.

    So he flies in (warps in, no idea what he did) and he’s inside a battle (I think), because a minute later his ship gets blown up from underneath him. I look at him and ask him what happened. His response was “I think a battleship just blew me up.”

    That’s pretty much my experience with EVE pvp :-)
    Fly around with your 100 million vessel and get nuked from a thousand miles.

    Nice thanks, didn’t know about the university thing. So this is corporation anyone can join?

    Thanks for the advice.
    I think you’re dead on about the setting goals. Especially in a sandboxed environment. I think that’s what scares me the most. What can a newb do in a 5y old world like EVE?

    That’s it, EVE is this MMO that’s been in the back of my head for some time now. And like you say, the complexity of it is scaring me the most. Getting pk’d and ‘loosing’ your stuff I can get over with.

    I don’t know if you read some of the stuff on my blog. If there’s one constant that dominates my mmo playstyle it’s this. One after another. And then back again to start the whole thing over. I’m a compulsive MMO hopper. And it’s starting to bother me.

    Sorry for the rambling :/
    Bad enough I do this on my blog, now I’m starting on yours as well.


  9. Aurea

    Actually, they shattered this by 3k or so a week or so back. 48k and some change is the current concurrent user record.

    @Stefson: EVE isn’t that bad. I got in around 10 months ago, and while I’m well behind where I should be SP wise, I’ve had a blast with it. Look up EVE University in game, they’re one of, if not the best newbie friendly corps in EVE.


  10. Captain Braddock

    Eve is one of the few games that actually allows gameplay for a wide range of different players. YOu like to kill and smash things there is a job for you as pirate, fleet combattant or bounty hunter.your the crazy nosy type go for exploration and covert ops hide in the shadows. you prefer to build, then remember almost everything in eveis player build.Thats right the ship you fly (except the noob ship) was made by a player. Invention and research is trying to invest and learn how to anticipate the economy.followed by the traders who if playing right can make billions.
    And the one thing that is the glue between these players is the corp. a group of ppl who hopefully for you have the same mentality.
    I even run a corp trying to help out new players (always have the help channel open ) its fun to see ppl learn and stand on their own feet in eve.
    It might be huge it might be complicated but so is real life. biggest difference here is there are ppl around who want to try and help you. only downside is there also those who trie and profit from new players. But nobody can steal from you (except if you dump it in a jetcan wich is a deliberata action on the players side)
    nobody can attack you in empire (unless you steal from them or you engage them ) so basicly in empire in a npc corp you are safe to try out the game and learn to enjoy it.Before you know it you’ll have your first million a few ships. Perhaps made a friend or two. you might even considering a second account.
    but in all eve is scalabel, playable, planable and is fun. just remember to keep your clone up to date, insure your ship, don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose and use evemon to plan your skill. and if you are planning to stick around longer then a month do your learning skills first up to the second tier (i know each skill there is 4.5 mil per skill set)
    and if ever you got a question ask it (local, help, rookie help etc)

    hafe fun and fly safe


  11. Stefson

    @ Aurea & Captain Braddock
    Thanks for the heads up about the university corps and the learning skills.
    I’m definately going to give it a spin. It’ll be an interesting experience that’s for sure, and it’ll make some nice articles on my blog.


  12. bluelinebasher

    @Stefson – Thinking of the catchup angle is exactly the type of thing that needs to be broken out from the thought process. While there are some great parallels you can draw from other MMOs like ship types being certain classes, thinking that you are starting in a hole like a level 1 versus a level 50 while true may not exactly be the chasm you think it is. Sure Wilhelm may have 30M skill points, but 25M may be in industry, social and trade, and of course if he’s AFK while transporting a hauler (with a Hulk packaged?!) across low sec, he could have 100B skill points and not have it make a difference.

    The starting bonus is better now for new players, and I think will even be enhanced further with the next release (but double check). If you have a good idea of what profession you want to start by playing the demo, you can start anew with the new release if this is true. But don’t get hung up on the skill points. That’ll drive you mad and make you switch trainings at 2 or 4AM or something, constatly counting down in your head. It’s also not the easiest thing to explain to the wife. What are you thinking of? 2 days 8 hours 47 seconds…


  13. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    A combat focused profile is probably the best place to start. Unless you are radically smarter than me and many people I know, the industry thing will take some time, faction, and resources to start making progress with.

    Combat lets you run missions with a faction that builds your reputation with them and earns you cash.


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