Does Your Wii Make Noise?

If that isn’t too personal of a question.

I ask because the optical drive on our Wii started making considerably more noise than it used to a couple of months back.

It is not a horrendous noise, but it is considerably louder than it used to be.

And, yes, I am sure it is the optical drive and not the fan, which I understand to be the only other mechanical thing in the Wii.

I wouldn’t normally bring this sort of thing up.  Optical drives start making noise some times.  It does not always mean the device is close to failure.  I have a drive in our lab that has been making a huge amount of noise for the last three years.

But just the other day a co-worker of mine mentioned that the drive on his Wii had started making a lot of noise, which made me wonder if this is an issue for others.

Of course, my Wii is coming up on its second year with us, so I am sure it is out of warranty, but I still wonder if this is a known issue with the unit.  I poked around a bit on a couple of forums, but did not see much on the subject.

So how is the optical drive on your Wii doing?

10 thoughts on “Does Your Wii Make Noise?

  1. TheRemedy

    Mine doesn’t sound any different then when I got it. Granted it’s only a year and half old. I’m guessing it’s just dust build up?


  2. Caniwi

    Mine has also got noticeably louder in recent months. I thought it occurred after my two year old knocked it over, But maybe its something more sinister….


  3. Malfi

    Hrm.. I haven’t noticed any noise from mine yet. It is only going on a year old (in March) though and doesn’t see heavy use. I’ll keep an ear out.


  4. Stefson

    I have a Wii for almost 2 years now, and I haven’t noticed any noise the way you’re describing it.

    But I do get these freezes from time to time. You put in a disc and it start reading, and it just keeps going and going until the thing freezes. Resetting it won’t help, I have to manually unplug the powercord and boot up again.

    Little annoying but that’s all.

    My girlfriend is crazy about Wii Monopoly. I’m not. I’m totally convinced the Wii AI opponents cheat every time we play it. Damn bastards always get the best cards :-p


  5. Tanalei

    I have had my Wii since launch day (had a friend a KB toys :D) It’s never changed in sound but i keep mine fla and not on the little stand thing up on it’s side. My friend’s died within 3 months and he had it warrenty replaced because he popped it up on it’s side with the plastic stand.

    That might only be an issue wih the initial release Wii’s though.


  6. Chi

    I’ve had mine for 2.5years, and from day one, there’s been problems with reading discs. At first it was once in while, it got progressively worse. Load times got longer and longer and at times it would quit mid game. Last week I brought it back to Bestbuy (thank goodness for extended warranty), just got it back tonight, and it still doesn’t work. It now makes this clicking noise, it recognizes the game disc, but won’t load. Back to Bestbuy tomorrow.


  7. Retired and playing wii

    My wii has started to get loud. Wii knows of this problem because I call and they said for $80.00 they would fix it. So Yes – evey wii will have this problem. My wii is 2 1/2 years old my children leave it on all night and day sometime. It has fallen many a times so a $80.00 fix seems reasonable. If not used very much it can last much much longer.


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