One Gold, Sooner Than I Thought

Tistann, my captain in Lord of the Rings Online managed to accumulate a whole gold by level 24.


They must have tuned the game some while I was away, because none of my higher level characters are anywhere close to a gold.

And that picture was taken after I repaired and bought my level 23 and 24 skills.

I won’t be rushing out to buy a house any time soon, but I might be positioned to buy a mount at some point around level 35!

7 thoughts on “One Gold, Sooner Than I Thought

  1. mbp

    Eve online 2,000,000,000 Lotro 1

    Gz. Wilhelm
    I would imagine that you should have no problem getting a horse at 35. My favourite money saving tip is never to use the “repair all” button until you hit the level cap. While levelling up you can often replace armour before it wears out more cheaply than repairing it.


  2. Barakah

    Do you think they really tuned the money drop rate in the game or do you think it is more likely due to MUDflation? I would think that mats and such sell fo a whole lot more nowadays then a year ago, making accumulating gold much easier.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I have not been selling stuff… well, not raws in any case… at the auction hall. A couple of recipes here and there, but not so much that it makes up a significant part of a gold piece.

    I think the whole repair bill scene is less onerous than it once was, plus a few prices seem to have been adjusted. The local bard doesn’t bend you over any more for a couple of talent changes and some of the items you need to get from a vendor for crafting seem to be a bit cheaper.

    I literally have a level 29 guardian that was a pre-release character who is sitting half way to his first gold piece. With both characters I vendored every last sickle fly wing a craban beak. Things just look better today than they did in April 2007.


  4. arbitrary

    At some point you’ll see dips in the cashflow, but by endgame it seems pretty constant again. I think the best tip is to not worry too much about some crafting and just sell the low tier components, as people furiously try and raise their crafting you can make quite good cash doing it.


  5. unwise

    Also remember that Guardians have the highest repair bills due to wearing heavy armour, inviting mobs to hit them alot, and in turn hitting back like a gnat, therefore taking ages to kill anything.


  6. Scott

    Repair bills were tweaked a little bit but not overly so. I still have yet to ever get a heavy armor class to 4.22 gold by level 35, they’ve always been around 37 before they had enough for their mount, mostly due to repair bills.

    I don’t touch the AH either on any character. I gather as much “trash” items as I can (in groups a lot of players leave those on the corpses) and sell them for my income. I don’t have the patience for playing the AH Game.


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