Two Years of Vanguard, Two Years of Vista

Two years ago these two products launched on the same day.

It was very nice of Microsoft to provide something that made Vanguard look like a success two years down the line.

Well, yes, Microsoft says Vista is a success.  A huge success.  But the machines the IT department at my company purchases all have Vista removed and XP installed on them.

Meanwhile at home I have actually installed Vanguard on a machine I own.  I have no plans to install Vista.

Congratulations to the Vanguard team!  At least your CEO isn’t talking about your replacement to appease angry customers!

13 thoughts on “Two Years of Vanguard, Two Years of Vista

  1. Scott

    I’m actually considering finally downgrading to Vista, primarily to see what DX10 looks like — once I get around to buying a DX10 card that is.

    Congrats to the Vanguard team though… Isle of Dawn was great and I hope this new content update gets people on board.


  2. dave

    I just can’t let myself ever try another SOE game because of how horribly they botched Star Wars Galaxies for me.

    I loved that game so much and they just ruined it chasing a younger and younger demographic that wanted “I win” capabilities the moment they rolled a character and had no interest in complexity within the game.

    To this day there is a Sony boycott in our household because we’re so bitter about it.


  3. syncaine

    Wait you don’t play DX10 EVE Wilhelm? Or LoTRO? Ouch.

    The whole Vista fiasco is overblown imo, it’s more than stable now for gaming. I’m sure it was a mess before (only been using it for 6 months or so now), but I’ve had no issues with it. Businesses are always slow to upgrade an OS given the complexity, so no big surprise there really.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yes and no with businesses being slow to adopt.

    Our customers, here in the enterprise space, always want a plan early for how we will support an upcoming OS. Vista has been the exception. Two years later we don’t support it and nobody seems to care.

    As for it being over blown, I think Microsoft’s scramble to get Windows 7 going shows how big of a deal it is. When Ballmer is out telling businesses that they can still “downgrade to XP” as part of his regular pitch, there is still a dead badger in the woodpile stinking things up.

    They may have fixed a lot of things in Vista, but they have lost the perception war in a big way so far.


  5. Hudson

    Wow two years already. I have Vista now on my main machine, I still hate the folder layout, security garbage and all that. I have disabled most of it but I cannot help to feel that it is somehow sluggish when it is not supposed to be. And I have stripped it down to its bare minimum services.

    My old machine (well if you call a Intel Duo Core 2.4 gig old) has Xp. I simply was too lazy to uninstall and reinstall a new OS when I got my Dell with Vista on it. So I figured I would buckle down and just use it.


  6. syncaine

    Oh fully agree on the perception thing, and I don’t know enough on the business side, but since you do, I’ll accept it. I know the two places I have worked for in the last two years, both have been XP.

    My point was more along the lines that for gamers, Vista is fine/good, especially if you have DX10 hardware and games that support it. It makes a HUGE different in LotRO, and adds some nice shiny to EVE. I think those are the only MMOs that currently support DX10 though, certainly plenty of single player games do.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    My main problem at home with Vista is that it breaks a few older applications that I cannot yet replace or live without for work. I managed to drag enough stuff from 2000 Pro to XP Pro a few years back, but the wall between me and Vista is still too high.

    Well, that and I am a cranky old guy who thinks the default XP layout is crap and resets everything so his system looks like Windows NT 4.0 circa 1997 when he gets a new machine.

    I would like to see LOTRO in DX10, but that will have to wait for my next machine upgrade. And that is a few years away I am afraid.


  8. TheRemedy

    Doesn’t Windows 7 support dx10? And isn’t Windows 7 free right now? So you could try Lotro in dx10 right now if you really wanted to and not pay a dime.


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The last beta OS I put on a machine I owned was Mac OS 7.

    I have since sworn off being a beta for most things.

    At work I get paid to be on the bleeding edge… some times… like I said, we are still mandated to use XP and… ugh… IE6… but I have become very conservative with my home machine. I want to go home and work, write, or play, not tinker. I am the IT department at home, more interested in things working than things advancing.

    See what getting old does to you.


  10. Serious Sally

    The whole UBERPWNAGE of Windows Vista is WAY WAY over stated. Yeah, it had a rough patch when it was launched.. What program dosnt?? I am happy to say I run Vista on a PC that was made for Vista and i have 0 issues with it. Everyone needs to quite listening to MICROSOFTHATERS and actually try the OS before they go around saying how WTFhorrible it is. Thats just my opinion. :)


  11. Stefson

    Ah the old Vista/XP debate.

    I had some problems with my new computer a year ago that had Vista OEM. Some trips to the store, a lot of complaining and waiting for fixes and now I’m not having any issues anymore.

    Sure some of my software is not compatible anymore, that sucks. But hey, live and let live.

    I’m actually more upset about MS and the new win7 they are so keen on. It’s pretty insulting to every customer who upgraded/bought Vista. That you want to keep ‘revolutionising’ and all that expensive techytalk is okay with me, but at least try and pretend you didn’t screw your customers.

    I know for myself that I will not be puchasing any new versions of Windows. My next computer will be an Apple.

    You ever seen the Apple-MAC ad where Apple guy and PC guy are talking about all the different versions of Vista, and then the Apple guy says something like :”I wouldn’t know, buy a Mac and you get everything in one package.”


  12. Mallika

    I used to be rather anti-Vista because of all the problems I experienced at work. However, a couple months ago I decided to finally step from XP to Vista and it was the smoothest, easiest OS installation I have ever had. And all the drivers for the various hardware (modem/sound/etc) I had to configure/install/fiddle with when I install XP? Vista got them neatly updated by itself, and I was connected to the internet within a few seconds after the OS installation was complete. I was pleasantly shocked at my no-problems-whatsoever experience, which I guess goes to show what I usually expect from a Windows install heh.

    An awesome side perk is that I now run LotRO in DX10 and now I don’t sometimes crash to desktop with a ntdll.dll error anymore.

    Not that I’m really a Vista fan; though I like the way they structured the folders, I had to turn off various automatic tasks (indexing, defragging, etc.) that were making my hard drive grind and grind and grind and grind all the damn day.


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