A Mounted Captain in Rivendell

Over in Middle-earth, I managed to push Tistann, my captain on Nimrodel, to level 26 towards the end of last week which means that, as a founder, I get a horse!

Tistann in Rivendell

Tistann before the Last Homely House

Then on Sunday evening I had the opportunity to travel, as the picture above might indicate.

I logged into Middle-earth and found several of the Podcasters of Bree online and ready to run out to Rivendell.  They invited me along for the run, so I got on Skype with Adam of Witty Ranter, Darren of Shut Up We’re Talking, and Jonathan of The Online Gamer’s Anthology and Through the Aftermath podcasts for my first trip past The Last Bridge.

New Territory Ahead

New Territory Ahead

The trip went well and was greatly enhanced by Jonathan’s Beavis and Butt-head quotations and improvisations.  We managed not to get stomped by trolls, eaten by bears, or drained by giant… heh heh… blow flies.

At the end of the run, which was not that long, because time passes quickly when you’re laughing out loud, we crossed the Ford of Bruinen, crested the ridgeline, and looked down into the Valley of Rivendell.

Looking into the Valley

Looking into the Valley

Of course, landing in Rivendell turned into a big photo op for notable locations and people.

The Hall of Fires

The Hall of Fires

The hall of fires is where tales are told and songs are sung.  Bilbo Baggins hangs out here.  You can see him in the picture above highlighted by grey ring icon floating above his head, which meant he has a quest for which I am not yet eligible.

Map of Eriador

Map of Eriador

It was nice to see a map hanging on the wall, something that was noted in the books.  The NPCs seem to have to use the same maps that they players get.

Gandalf, Tistann, and Frodo

Gandalf, Tistann, and Frodo

And, off in a side room from the main hall, were Gandalf and Frodo, set up for a photo opportunity very much like you might get with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.  The other three hobbits were off in another room, with Sam muttering about what a pickle they have found themselves.

I picked up the travel point and wandered the grounds of Rivendell for a while.  Eventually I had to recall back to Bree.  While it was nice to visit a new place, Tistann was too low level to stick around.  It was back to the North Downs for him.

Darren has posted some screen shots of the Rivendell trip as well.  He managed to get all of the big names.

Now I have to get out my Beavis and Butt-head DVDs so I can keep up with Jonathan next time.

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