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Pals with the Kalu’ak

It is a cold, cold winter out in reality, so the instance group has been on a bit of a hiatus.

The problem for me is, well, that WoW is fun.  And while I know I should let my main idle while the group is off-line for a bit, Vikund is my main for many aspects of the game.  I have my hunter, Tistann to play if I want to run quests, but Vik is the designated achievements character, the cook, the fisherman, and the engineer.

I have kept busy somewhat with exploration, fishing, and the Lunar Festival, which are low impact to experience.  But being the fisherman on my team, I have been eyeing that fishing pole you can get when you go exalted with the Kalu’ak.

So every day I have gotten Vikund out to run two of the Kalu’ak daily quests.  He was already revered, so he had 21,000 points of faction  to go.  Two quests a day, that won’t get me too far ahead, right?

After two and a half weeks or so, I finally hit that magic mark, exalted with my first faction in Azeroth.  It was a double achievement.



So I was finally able to buy my fishing pole of doom.  And a heck of a fishing pole it is:

Look at the DPS on this thing.  I wish it was flagged as a weapon rather than a fishing pole, because I would wield it all the time.  As it is though, none of my retribution paladin attacks that require a melee weapon work with it.

Still, when I am out running Old Man Barlo’s daily fishing quest, I don’t worry about swapping the pole out for a weapon if something attacks me.  A few good whacks with this is enough.

And I also got the only other item that the Kalu’ak would sell me that I could actually use (most of their gear is level 76), the pet penguin.

Pole and Penguin

Pole and Penguin

Now I need to be careful with this pet.  As soon as my daughter sees it, she’ll want one too.

Warhammer – Anger and Denial

I seem to have struck a nerve with yesterday’s post, because Syncaine is up today with another post rife with anger and denial.

And he didn’t even wish my wife a happy birthday.

He is back raging against the “WoW Tourists,” only they have now be demoted to “WoW Lemmings.” It seems that they have just destroyed the MMO space in general and his pet game, Warhammer Online, in particular.

Damn those WoW Lemmings for buying nearly one million copies of Warhammer Online!

Damn them for daring to try out a new game!

Damn them for deciding that WoW was more fun and leaving Warhammer!

It is all their fault, not Warhammer’s!  Mythic is right, all you WoW lemmings are wrong!

And right about now I would REALLY HATE IT if a bunch of WoW lemmings went over to that post and gave their opinion on it.  So don’t.

He also throws in a few direct attacks on me, heretic that I apparently am.  For example, he still seems to be especially bitter about me daring to assume that the first group instance in Warhammer Online should be fun and inviting.  What a novel concept, I know, completely out of left field, but I have this wacky idea that if you make a game fun at the start, that actually encourages people to keep playing.

Unfortunately, the first group instance on the Order side of Warhammer Online is the Altdorf Sewers.  It was crap and I defy anybody to say otherwise.

I am also damned for thinking that spending a Saturday night searching for some actual oRvR action is, you know, not that much fun.  He says I have unreasonable expectations in that regard.

Ah well, such is life.

Syncaine seems to be stuck in the first two stages of grieving, denial and anger.

Here is hoping he reaches acceptance some time soon so he can let go of the need to attack others to cover his own grief and get back to writing interesting things about games.

And if this sounds a bit condescending, well… it is.  But I have seen so much of that from Syncaine in comments and posts on the topic that I think he can suck it up.