Pals with the Kalu’ak

It is a cold, cold winter out in reality, so the instance group has been on a bit of a hiatus.

The problem for me is, well, that WoW is fun.  And while I know I should let my main idle while the group is off-line for a bit, Vikund is my main for many aspects of the game.  I have my hunter, Tistann to play if I want to run quests, but Vik is the designated achievements character, the cook, the fisherman, and the engineer.

I have kept busy somewhat with exploration, fishing, and the Lunar Festival, which are low impact to experience.  But being the fisherman on my team, I have been eyeing that fishing pole you can get when you go exalted with the Kalu’ak.

So every day I have gotten Vikund out to run two of the Kalu’ak daily quests.  He was already revered, so he had 21,000 points of faction  to go.  Two quests a day, that won’t get me too far ahead, right?

After two and a half weeks or so, I finally hit that magic mark, exalted with my first faction in Azeroth.  It was a double achievement.



So I was finally able to buy my fishing pole of doom.  And a heck of a fishing pole it is:

Look at the DPS on this thing.  I wish it was flagged as a weapon rather than a fishing pole, because I would wield it all the time.  As it is though, none of my retribution paladin attacks that require a melee weapon work with it.

Still, when I am out running Old Man Barlo’s daily fishing quest, I don’t worry about swapping the pole out for a weapon if something attacks me.  A few good whacks with this is enough.

And I also got the only other item that the Kalu’ak would sell me that I could actually use (most of their gear is level 76), the pet penguin.

Pole and Penguin

Pole and Penguin

Now I need to be careful with this pet.  As soon as my daughter sees it, she’ll want one too.

8 thoughts on “Pals with the Kalu’ak

  1. Darraxus

    I have been working on Kaluak and im almost half way thru revered. I want to pole and the penguin as well. I have the same problem with the penguin. When I get one, my fiance will want one, but she is only level 64 atm.


  2. Loredena

    ok, the fishing pole and penguin pet are the first thing in months that had me spend more than 3 seconds contemplating resubscribing. but I quite at 67 for a reason – I don’t enjoy soloing, and leveling in a group was turning into a grind. WotLK didn’t really change that…. Still. EQ2 needs to add a penguin pet now!


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Loredena – I have to admit it was a bit of a chore getting my hunter to level 70, since he is my solo character. And I only managed it with him because I have a lot of fun playing a hunter. I do not think I could have ground my paladin solo to 70, and the fact that all my other characters sit in the 40s no doubt says something.

    But that flying mount at 70… that was worth it for me.

    WotLK made solo quests more fun than the latter half of Burning Crusade, in my opinion. The biggest pisser is that you can’t use your flying mount until level 77. I know why… you could totally twink your way through the content if you could fly… but I miss it. It seemed like I worked all that way to get it, and suddenly it was taken away.

    I’m not sure a pet penguin would draw me back to EQ2 any more than it will draw you back to WoW, but it sure is cute. Somebody did some serious work to get its motions just right when it walks or looks around.


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