Daily Archives: February 7, 2009

ISK – Even Easier To Buy

CCP has introduced PLEX, the 30 day Pilot License EXtension.

It is essentially a 30 Day EVE Online game time card that has a physical manifestation in the game. (Or a virtual physical manifestation, I guess.)

That means you can buy and sell them on the standard market place, create contracts involving them, and get yourself scammed out of them.

You think I’m kidding about that last part?  Go read the PLEX entry on EVElopedia, the official EVE Online Wiki.  CCP says, and I quote:

Warning: ‘CCP has not made any special exceptions for the PLEX items. They are treated as regular in-game items with regards to market orders and contracts. Scams are easily avoidable by careful scrutiny of market orders and contracts and we urge anyone to be alert when dealing in PLEXes.

Welcome to EVE Online.

They cost $34.95 for two, which is the minimum quantity you are allowed to purchase.  At that price they are not a viable alternative to a regular subscription, which I suspect was quite deliberate.

Currently, around Amarr space, PLEX seem to be running around 300 million ISK, which seems a bit steep to me.  My whole fortune would get me 7 months of play, so I will probably pass on that until the price drops.

The only thing that disappoints me about the whole thing is that CCP wimped out a bit, in my opinion, in making PLEX non-transportable.  Once you buy them and claim them, they are locked into the station where you are currently docked.

While this will no doubt reduce the number of people getting their PLEX taken away from them, it will remove some potential drama from the game.  There won’t be any tales of PLEX convoys in 0.0 getting betrayed and destroyed by rival alliances or blogs dedicated to low sec PLEX pirates.

And while is sucks to be on the losing end of such stories, I think they are still the best recruiting tool CCP has.  Things like the latest Goonswarm adventure, destroying the BoB alliance by intrigue, bring people to the game just to see what kind of oline environment lets you get away with such things.