Shaymin Event at Toys R Us and the Sunday Toys R Us ad in the newpaper both say that there is a Pokemon download event this week.  The special Pokemon this time around is Shaymin, who looks like a hippie hedgehog.


Unlike past such events, which have generally been Saturday and Sunday only, this one runs a whole week, from Sunday through Saturday.  I wonder if this extended time is related to the fact that some stores did not get their Pokemon distribution setup for the last event?  Or maybe they just decided they would be better off if the event ran along the same time frame as all their other advertised specials.

Anyway, my daughter is excited about this, despite the fact we really haven’t done much Pokemon since Christmas.  It seems that Shaymin is not on her Pokemon poster, which makes it special.

11 thoughts on “Shaymin Event at Toys R Us

  1. Steve

    Do you know between what times the event occurs? In the past, it’s been usually from 12pm to- 4pm(est), but I haven’t heard any news on the time.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    It does not say in the TRU ad, nor did I see anything at the store.

    On the other hand, unlike the old days with the GameBoy Advance, the whole process is pretty self-service now. People just walk up, read the sign, get their Pokemon, and move along. They may have just decided to make it store hours because of that.


  3. CheatMasterK

    Ah, yes. The Shaymin event. I went and got this yesterday, and it’s a pretty powerful Pokemon. You get it at level 50, and it knows Seed Flare, which it usually learns at level 100. It also knows Substitute, Energy Ball, and one other attack (I forgot which one). It’s also holding a Micle Berry.


  4. Epion

    Will there be another Shaymin event, cause I need one badly? if anyone will trade, please let me know.


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