To Be Fabulous in Middle-earth

My belief in the inevitability of my creating an alt on Nimrodel is as firm as any good communist’s belief that the inner contradictions of capitalism will inevitability lead to its downfall.

One of the things I miss a bit from my last run through EverQuest II is my character, Reynaldo Fabulous.

A name like that gives a mere avatar some personality.  It sets a style.  It has panache.

So, while I fell back on one of my tried and true names when I rolled up my captain, I was thinking about recruiting Reynaldo or one of his family (should the name be taken already) to see if I can reproduce that same effect in Middle-earth.

But the first question that came to my mind was, what class in Lord of the Rings Online is sufficiently fabulous?

I am biased against the heavy armor classes, Captain, Guardian, and Champion, if only because I already have one of each.  Plus the heavy armor look isn’t… fabulous.  Not in Middle-earth.  At least not up to level 30.

So I have decided to put up a poll to help determine which class in Lord of the Rings Online the Fabulous family should pursue.

Which class should it be?

You can, of course, try to sway me against popular opinion with a comment.

20 thoughts on “To Be Fabulous in Middle-earth

  1. Chris

    What’s in a name? That which we call “fabulous” would by any other name smell as sweet.

    So…looks are important in your search. Hmm, hobbits are pretty awesome. And I do like the burglar class. Up to level 21 or so, it doesn’t matter much what armor you’re wearing either, really. It’s all tissue paper, either light or medium tissue. If you have a character above lvl 20 already you can use the cosmetic system right away with new characters, so that could be a way to deck the toon out in fun garb.

    Gotta say, though, elves look pretty fabulous too- with those wide-brimmed hats that are available and a robe, you can get that Boy George look going (or for us oldsters, Liberace).


  2. Khan

    Personally, I went with burglar. What could be more fabulous than a swashbuckling pilferer of all things not nailed down?

    Though minstrel is a good second choice. Lots of glowy abilities, yelling and extravagant light armor wardrobe options.


  3. Julie Whitefeather

    If you don’t like the “heavy armor types” you will be unhappy playing them – so that rules them out doesn’t it? If you simply want your “Mr. Fabulous” to LOOK fabulous, then as a previous commenter noted, once you are able to use the cosmetic clothing system it doesn’t matter which class you choose.

    So that leaves the abilities of the character to engender that certain “je ne sais qua”. As loveable as hobbits are, lets face it, when a woman swoons we don’t normally swoon over Frodo and Bilbo. Frodo is the kind of guy you take home to mom but you don’t want to be that kind of guy…

    You want to be FABULOUS!

    You want to be the kind of guy a woman takes home for the night.

    Elves are nice but hey, lets face it humans are best because the star that burns brightest burns the fastest. So you want someone with a bit of something with style, something with a bit of power…you want a hunter.

    Julie Whitefeather


  4. Green Armadillo

    I almost wish I’d rolled my Champion as a female, just because the cosmetic dresses look a lot better than the cosmetic armor options. It’s pretty nifty the first time you see someone swashbuckling around in what look like street clothes. :)

    Of the non-heavy armor choices, I’d guess the burglar, with the caveat that I’ve never seen the Warden in action. The casters seem more about substance over style to me.


  5. Thilandril

    With the options that are available, I would have to imagine Reynaldo Fabulous is a minstrel. Performer, entertainer, one who craves the spotlight and works overtime to ensure he’s the center of attention!

    But which ever way you go, be Fabulous! ;)


  6. Marchosias

    For human, I’d go Lore Master. They get to wear all kinds of nifty robey things, and what woman doesn’t love the fact that you can summon your own cute polar bear! Plus you have to be a pretty fabulous player to pull off a successful LM.

    Second choice, maybe a guardian – I just love slamming stuff with a shield. It’s fabulous! :D


  7. Dave

    I was a Hunter from Alpha until just before Moria when I left, and you’ll have a lot of fun. Getting around is much quicker, too. Second to that, I’d say Burglar. A Minstrel can be a lot of hard work, but you’ll get groups easily.


  8. Kilanna

    I am missing the original and best Reynaldo :p

    I have never played but I am thinking the Human Minstrel sounds sufficiently fabulous!


  9. Yetian

    I’ll just add that fashion in MMO’s is something I feel is important and often lacking.

    I’ve posted a couple of times on our blog MMO-Symposium about this, won’t post the link as it’s bad form but you can click my name here or our link in the blogroll. ;)

    Everyone likes their characters to look good.


  10. unwise

    It’s gotta be a Minstrel.

    As someone who’s been playing a Burglar since beta, the state of the class is far from fabulous at the moment!


  11. castillion

    A minstrel is too cliche.

    I say go for something unexpected, and then fabulous the class up. I mean, really who would have expected a Fabulous berserker in EQ2?

    Keep the dream alive and fabulous up something completely unexpected, is my vote ;)

    Although, a fabulous burglar would be..well..fabulous.


  12. mbp

    My Dwarf Champion Throg has informed me that a character with a namby pamby name like “Reynado Fabulous” wouldn’t survive two minutes in Champion training school.

    Perhaps your inclination to avoid heavy armour classes is justified. They are not a particularly broad minded lot.


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