Sailing the River Styx

One of the things I did before I went into my holiday EVE Online lull was put up a series of buy orders out in a few more remote regions of space for ore.  It was veldspar mostly, but also kernite and omber.  And those buy orders were at prices that made resell of processed minerals attractive back then, when tritanium was under 3 ISK a unit.

And, in the sort of “out of sight, out of mind” way that things sometimes work for me, I forgot about those orders.  They ran their course while I wasn’t looking.

Then, this weekend, I did a search on my stuff to see if I had any veldspar laying around, as I sold every last bit or tritanium I had on hand, when I noticed a couple million units of the stuff loitering 8 to 16 jumps away from my main area of operation.  And about 400K units of omber and another 400K of kernite were sitting out there as well.

All in all, there were more than 30 mammoth loads worth of ore sitting out there in sizable clumps.  So I had a choice.

I could spend all day flying back and forth, loading and unloading my industrial.

Or I could buy two skills and a new ship and scoop the whole lot up in one round trip.

So, at last, months after I staked out the costs and the skills I would need, I finally bought a freighter.

45 million ISK and 22 minutes of training time for Advanced Spaceship Command.

67.5 million ISK and 75 minutes of training for Caldari Freighter.

920 million ISK and 3 jumps for a Charon class freighter, which I promptly named “The River Styx,” that being Charon‘s main venue in mythology.

The River Styx

The River Styx

Over a billion ISK spent in a few minutes.  A big shopping spree for me.  That was a bit more than I thought I would have to pay for the ship itself, but with the rise in the price of tritanium lately, I was okay with it.  At least you don’t have to worry about fitting out a freighter once you buy it.  There are no slots to fit anything!

Of course, now I have a few things to learn about freighters.

I was disappointed right off the bat that I could not stuff an assembled ship into the thing.  I flew out to pick it up in a destroyer, my salvage craft, thinking I would just toss it in the bed and drive home.  Even assembled the destroyer was smaller than the hauling capacity of the charon.

I got a message that said I would have to package the ship up to store it in the glove box of the freighter.

Unfortunately, I have two Auxiliary Thruster rigs on the destroyer, so I am loathe to repackage because you lose the rigs.

Are rigs seen as that expendable?  Do you just expect to lose them if you move ships via freighter?

And then there was getting the beast in motion.

Yes, I expected it to be slow.  But with Advanced Spaceship Command and Caldari Freighter both only trained up to level 1 (one gives a 5% agility boost per level, the other a 5% speed boost) it was painful.

Going through warp is fine, but making the slow turn to align for warp… oh, the agony.  I can hardly wait to take a few trips from my home base, an Amarr Navy station that pushes you out pointing almost exactly 180 degrees from the warp gate I use 90% of the time.

Slow it may be, but once pointed in the right direction, the charon jumps.  When flying manually and jumping directly to each gate, flight times are only slowed down by the need to align for each jump.  And even then, the ship sometimes jumps before it is pointed completely in the right direction.  More than once I notice the ship in warp pointed about 20 degrees off target.

But if you let it fly by itself, it is a long crawl to cross that 15 km to the gate.

I sent the freighter off on a 12 jump trip, turned on the autopilot, then went off to take a shower.  The ship was empty, the security levels were high, I figured I was safe.

But I got back and found myself only 5 jumps along.  The autopilot had managed to get itself hung up on a CONCORD billboard and could not get itself unstuck, a first for me.

After I managed to free the craft and get it back on course, I started looking up skills that would help freighters along.

But even at the slow speed and agility that my skills allowed, picking up all my ore and hauling it home in one pass was much, much faster than many trips in my mammoth.

And while I was out and about, I set up another one hundred million in buy orders.  Now that I have the big ship, I have to keep filling it.

14 thoughts on “Sailing the River Styx

  1. ShadowWAR

    I’m going to be giving EvE a whirl this week and weekend and see if I can get into it. Talk like this seems awesome in the classic sense of the word. The amount of work is both daunting and intriguing at the same time, and the scope of the game is a tad frightful to a newcomer honestly. Maybe I’ll see you in game sometime!


  2. Saylah

    Ouch. I’ve never had more than a few million ISK to consider spending. One of the very cool things about EVE – if you’re the type, is the min/max planning on your strategy and goals. The simple task of getting your stuff can turn into a new ship, skills and experiencing new flight behavior. It’s this complex and ever changing game-play that keeps me going back although I never stay for more than a few months at a time.

    And on the showering while traveling – uh, didn’t you already assume the “pretty safe” once before and come back to find your ship blown up?


  3. crangos

    I recently bought my first expensive ship, a for passive tanking rigged hurricane, 100m all in all, that was a huge amount of money, as I only had made money by some small scale mining and lvl2 missions… just to realize it tanks like hell, never goes under 80% shield against 3 BS rats and cohorts, but it takes me f***** 20 minutes to a single of the 1.85m rats. I refitted for a bit more dps, but now I have to warp out for about every bigger rat. A slight bit of patience and I could have skilled for a probably cheaper BS with more Bang for the Buck. Thats the beauty of the game. :D


  4. sollaires

    Take this with a grain of salt since I’ve never done and haven’t played EVE in quite a few months: I know that you used to be able to have a corpmate (second account or a bored/helpful friend) web your freighter before warping to made aligning much, much faster. Just make sure the person is actually in your corp if you are in high-sec so no one gets flagged. That being said, I’m also pretty sure that freighters are nigh invincible in high sec given their immense hit points which is why you always see AFK auto-pilot freighters all over the place.

    Again, I haven’t played in a few patches and I know there were some changed to speed and webs, so this advice might be moot at this point. Enjoy your new ship!


  5. syncaine

    Grats on the ship. Now that you can haul such a large amount, any ideas to mix up your buy/sell strategy? You could easily haul raw ore around Empire now.


  6. Kirith Kodachi

    Regarding assembled ships… it IS possible to transport them without repackaging for cruisers and smaller. You need a second character but he/she can be anywhere.

    1) Item exchange contract the ships to the non-freighter character.

    2) contract the ship in a courier contract back to the frieghter pilot.

    3) transport courier package to destination!

    Have fun with the freighter, and start skilling for a jump freighter or Orca! Now THOSE are fun!


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @UFTimmy – I’m not sure how you got disappointment out of it. Yes, there are bumps on the road and new things to learn, but that is sort of the EVE way.

    @Saylah – You are no doubt referring to my Lost Two Ships post. Here is to hoping I am smarter about EVE than I was back then. From what I have read, successfully taking down a freighter in high sec is a serious operation, and to be taken on by pirates looking to make a profit, you have to be carrying a lot of valuables. Massively put the profit point at a billion ISK in goods to make a freighter gank profitable. I won’t be carrying that much any time soon.

    @Kirith Kodachi – Thanks. I knew there had to be a way to transport an assembled ship. Is it cruisers and smaller or battlecruisers or smaller?


  8. Kirith Kodachi

    Courier contracts con only be up to 120,000 m3. An assembled battlecruiser is about 250,000 m3 so they don’t fit. The biggest cruiser is the Arbitrator at 120,000 m3 volume when assembled (of tech I, not positive about tech II).


  9. michael, St Erroneous

    “Web slinging” a freighter still works, from a corp mate in a fast ship with a stasis webifier. You can do it to speed up total journey time (start aligning the freighter then orbit 9k&mwd on your webber), or for security (move your webber ship inside 10k range before decloaking the freighter).

    To improve undock align times, create a >150k bookmark on the undock axis of your favourite stations. Then, after undocking, warp to that bookmark@100. The freighter will insta-warp and drop out of warp (as usual) decellerating rapidly. This lets you align starting at low velocity, rather than at full undock speed with its painfully low turning circle. The process of a 90 degree undock align from an Amarr station to a stargate gate on the ecliptic with my hauler Orca drops by 30 seconds.

    It also will get the ship out of the way of the undock point at busy stations, and avoid bumping. J44 conveniently has a nearby station almost directly aligned with the undock axis.


  10. Gary Daniels

    Congratulations on the Charon. I bought my “Baby Huey” on Feb 14.
    I’m training navigation level 5 to try to make it less painful, though after flying a Bustard it isn’t TOO bad. I hope you have flown a Crane, it’s my favorite ship for hauling. It feels like a sports car of EVE that can haul freight.



    i have one of these just for fun since iv bin playing eve for years. i just let it sit in my mining system for a few weeks or months till it fills up to the 900km3 i have in it then fly it to a trade hub and sell the shit then fill some of it up for stuff i want or need and fly it back. also you can move a hole eve life in one move thats always nice.


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