The Price of Worlds Collide

On average, the price of running the mission Worlds Collide seems to be a ship.

I don’t lose a ship every time.  But then sometimes I lose two ships.  Sometimes somebody else joins me for the mission and loses a ship for me.

The average might even be higher than one ship per run for me.  It was the first ever mission I drew after I ran the old tutorial and I tried to run it in an Ibis over and over again all the while thinking, “Why would they give me this as my first mission if it was impossible to run in my first ship?”

Because this is EVE.

I was in game on Sunday morning to clear out a mission Potshot and I had run on Saturday night.  It had lots of nice, if awkwardly located, veldspar asteroids, so we decided to see if we could clear and farm it again.  Unfortunately, when I warped out to the first gate, it was gone.

So much for that idea.

Thus thwarted, I turned in the mission sans early bonus, and asked for the next one.

I drew Worlds Collide.

It had been some time since I had last run it, so the memories (and scars) had faded a bit.  I just remembered that the bounties and the salvage were both excellent, so what the hell.

I got out the Raven to lead and my alt in his Drake for support and headed out for that long flight to unlock the first gates.

As I was working on the first group, Potshot showed up and, with no mining going on, loaded up his own pair of Drakes and headed out to join me.

Drakes cruising to the gate

Drakes cruising to the gate

“With a Raven and three Drakes,” I said, “It will be cake.”

We cleared the gate guardians, then headed into the Sansha pocket.  The pocket of doom.  The pocket of so many lost ships.

Things went well at first.  The Raven warped in, picked up aggro, started heading to a neutral corner to avoid waking up the rest of the pocket, called everybody else in, and started in on the first battleships.

The battleships were easy and we were left with the two webbing frigates.  I decided to swat them, having read somewhere that if the first person into the pocket attacks them, the whole pocket does not go red.

So I targeted them on both of my ships and promptly started launching missiles from the wrong window.

The whole pocket lit up and targeted the Drake.


Well, the Drake has a good tank.  It might last until we thin this crowd out a bit.  And, if not, I’ll just have him warp out.

The Drake’s tank is good, but not that good.  The ships in that first Sansha pocket put out a lot of firepower.  The Drake went to half shields in disturbingly quick order.

I aligned the Drake with a station then, seeing the shields continue to drop to 25%, went to warp away.

And that is when I noticed that three ships were web scrambling the Drake.  I targeted both of my ships for the offending scramblers and had almost killed the second one when the Drake disintegrated and my alt was sitting there in a pod.  I sent him off for home to look for another Drake hull and went back to the battle.

All the webbers and scramblers were down, but things were not looking good.  Everybody was now on the Raven and the incoming fire was eating up shields and capacitor.  I knew we would have to pull out soon.

So I gave the word to retrieve drones and align with the local station.  After I took down one last NPC, I gave the word to warp out.

Back at the station I put together a minimalist Drake for my alt so I could jump him into the second pocket and have him loot his wreck.  I outfitted him with some shield modules I had around and a tractor beam.

I also passed out some ammo for the last pocket.  I went into the mission with all EM and Thermal loads, forgetting that the last pocket is a serious issue unless you are dropping kinetic rounds on them.

We warped back out, flew to the gate, and started in on the Sansha pocket again.  This time things went much more smoothly.  We took things one group at a time.  My alt snagged his wreck and I was happy to find most of his tech II heavy missile launchers intact along with some of this other gear.  Enough to equip him and get him back in the game.  I warped him back to refit and rejoin while we peeled back the Sansha battleships.

We cleared the pocket and I called a break to salvage.  That meant the salvage destroyer for me and Potshot’s hauler to carry off the big items.  The destroyer can scoot about pretty well and when I run out of cargo space I use one of the tractor beams to tow a jet can.  We cleaned up, there being two major disappointments.

The first was that I got no salvage from the wreck of the Drake.  Nothing.

The second is that we did not draw a single ward console in any of our salvage attempts.  I have not seen a ward console drop from salvage in quite a while.  They are one of the components for shield rigs, and I could obviously use a few now.

Maybe next time.

The clean up accomplished, we headed back to the station, got out the four warships, and headed for the last pocket.

The last pocket went very smoothly.  The Raven warped in, got aggro, then called in the troops.  We deployed in classic trail formation, looking like a fleet formation from the age of sail, and took down the hostiles one by one.  I designated targets and we popped them easily, kinetic rounds being just the thing for this part of the mission.

The line of battle

The line of battle

Then it was clean up time.  Out came the salvage destroyer again.  Potshot pulled out his mining rig to clean up some asteroids lurking in the last pocket.

I was able to turn in the mission well within the bonus time frame.  In a sign of how this mission often goes, they give you 7 hours to complete it.

Now I have to go finish fitting out a new Drake.

12 thoughts on “The Price of Worlds Collide

  1. bluelinebasher

    Suppose I should be glad I slept in Sunday after the Sat. night clean fest. Worlds collide makes mission running exciting. ISK just seems to spin into the wallet on that one when successful.


  2. Ahnog

    I never could complete the level 1 World’s Collide, but the level four is pretty easy if you exercise good crowd control. Of course I take in a Navy Raven with an alt in a regular Raven.


  3. Phoe

    Did you fit your resists right? If I remember correctly Sansha’s are hard on the EM and Thermal resists(and shields suck for EM). I’ve never had an issue with this (or any lv4 for that matter) and I solo in a Domi.


  4. mbp

    What was your friend potshot doing all this time you were getting hammered? Could he not help take out the webbing ships? Its been a while since I played EVE but I though the HUD gave you some kind of symbol to tell you who is actually doing the webbing.


  5. Gribblethemunchkin

    You’ve gone with shield tanking ships against enemies with excellent EM/Therm damage. Always tricky. I hve an EM/Therm tanked Abaddon for running Sansha missions. Takes hardly any damage (shields disappear near instantly but armour lasts for ever with over 90% resists on Em/Therm).
    Also, lasers are great for splatting sansha. For Kin/Therm missions i switch to a raven (used to be a Navy raven but i lost that) or a Navy Megathron.

    I find tailoring your ship to missions makes as much sense at least as tailoring your modules. For similar reasons i find that for missions involving Angels vessels an autocannon equipped Maelstrom works wonders. A laser armed Abaddon however would die very quickly.

    Worlds collide i have only done once with a pair of corpies. Strangely it very rarely comes up in my neck of the woods.


  6. JC

    If that’s the Angel/Sansha version – I solo the Angel side in a regular Raven without difficulty — the Angels in the mission do mostly explosive damage, with a little kinetic thrown in. Even only using 3 hardeners (2 exp, 1 kin) and a large shield booster (if set for perma-run) it’s never a problem.

    But the Sanhsa side….. yeah, I refit for EM/Therm and still have to warp out, so I generally don’t bother — I only do the Angel side if I’m solo.

    BTW, in the final pocket — Explosive damage is better vs Angels than Kinetic. Drakes having a kinetic bonus make it up, so they may be okay, but your Raven doesn’t have that damage bonus and should be using explosive.


  7. Saylah

    Great read. I’ve never drawn Worlds Collide out doing my L1 missions. I solo so probably wouldn’t accept it given all the posts I’ve read about the difficulty. Or maybe I’d give it a try to see for myself and just lose the ship if that’s the way it goes.


  8. Naj

    Solo is tough, plus the time it takes means your salvage dissapears unless u clear and salvage each room as you go…royal pain in the ****.
    I tend to run in a group or 2 – 3. Every time we go for a lvl 4 we hope for Worlds Collide. The rewards are great (approx 24mil Bounties + 10-20mil salvage) with 2 of us we can clear and salvage in 1hr 10 mins. With 3 of us in under 1hr… most time is wasted travelling or waiting for overseers…(Havent dropped any thing decent for ages). We get the Serp/Gurista config with the Gurista being the toughest room.

    1x Domi (Remote Rep + Drone DPS) (My Boat)
    1x Mega(DPS + Amour Tank)

    when three of us we have another Mega for DPS (is usually a Navy though)


  9. Omanji

    World Collide took me a while to prefect the soloing of. You can do it in a Raven. My only real suggestion to you is, 2nd room TANK the frigates, don’t kill them with the rest of their pockets. Take out the Cruisers-BS and leave the frigs. Clean them all up when you aggro the last pocket. This way the room wont aggro on your drones and then you can take out the Web/Jamming Frigs. Know your enemy; Sansha/Blood you have to put special care due to the EM damage. The only problem with this type of run is that you have to commit to the room, no warping out. Once you have the skills or loadout to do this mission right, you wont have to fear loosing anything.


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