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Everybody Comes to Westfall…

In World of Warcraft each of the major Alliance cities has a set of starting areas that will, if you follow the bread crumb trail left by the quest givers, get your character into the 30s before you need to merge onto the common quest superhighway that everybody follows to level cap.

The night elves over on Kalimdor have Teldrassil, Darkshore, and Ashenvale.

The dwarves and gnomes have Dun Morogh, Loch Modan, and the Wetlands.

The humans have Elwyn Forest, Westfall, and the Red Ridge Mountains… and Duskwood too.

Our cloven hoofed Draeni friends get a little short changed with only Azuremyst Isle and Bloodmyst Isle play in before they have to join somebody elses party, but that still can get them to 20.

The first zones listed above for each group seems to be relatively active on the servers on which I play.  But the second zone seems to be dead, except for Westfall.  Westfall is always very active and full of humans, night elves, dwarves, and draeni.

I have to admit that the pattern hold true for my characters as well.  If I look at their reputations, their standings are all highest with Stormwind, no matter their race.  That is, of course, because after their initial experience, I ran them all to Elwyn Forest and Westfall and the quest lines there.

I do not know if the quest lines in human territory are superior to the other locations, but you might get that impression from the population.

And so I was amused to find that my mother and my daughter managed to find their way to Westfall without any real guidance from me despite the fact that they both play night elves as their primary characters.  Westfall is the place to be.

Of course, with the Wrath of the Lich King changes they got to take a boat straight from Auberdine to Stormwind, thus skipping the low level night elf nightmare run across the wetlands and through to Loch Modan that so many of us endured to get the hell away from Darnassus.

So our last couple of gaming sessions have concentrated on getting through the Westfall quest lines.  And true to the title of this post, Westfall is still a very active zone with people running all over to complete the various quest lines.

Everybody also includes some bored horde players as well it seems.  We had a problem with a level 80 Bloodelf player who was sitting in Moonbrook and killing the Defias Traitor that people were trying to escort to the Defias hideout to complete a quest.  We gave up after a couple of attempts and came back later to finish it.

And, in finishing that quest, I think we are all lined up for a run through the Deadmines.

I don’t think we’ll be able to do it in our little group, but I have a level 40 hunter on the same server.  I’ll get him out and lead us through the instance.  That is our WoW plan for this weekend.