Daily Archives: February 19, 2009

What a Difference a Hat Makes

Last week I asked what the most fabulous class was in Middle-earth with an eye towards guiding the creation of my inevitable alt (or alts) on Nimrodel.  The poll, as of this writing, shows the following results:

Minstrel            49
Burglar             11
Hunter               8
Warden               7
Lore-master          7
Heavy Armor classes  3
Rune-keeper          1

The minstrel class was the clear winner, getting an overwhelming percentage of the votes.

So I rolled up a hunter.

You see, I had tried a minstrel before and it wasn’t quite my cup of tea.  Plus I picture Reynaldo as more fabulous through deeds than through singing of his deeds.  He does not need to advertise his fabulous nature, he just is fabulous.

Plus my wife frowned on any sort of “Tiny Tim” online activity.

So Reynaldo the hunter was born.  And the hunter’s garb looked good on him.  He was almost fabulous.  Almost.

Tight britches? Check.

Well cut tunic?  Check.

Well turned boots? Check.

Stylish hat?  Umm… no.

The hats he found were just ruining his look and, frankly, character models in Lord of the Rings Online have a tough time going without a hat.

Reynaldo suffered through a series of narrow brimed Alpine models, a couple of the Andean knit variety so popular with the Burning Man crowd, and the inevitable over-turned soup bowl hard hats that made him look like a lineman for the county.

But fortune favors the fabulous.  At level 10 he got the drop he was looking for.

He got the wide brimed hat with plume.



Now with his bow on his back and a dagger on each hip he fights to rid Middle-earth of Sauron’s taint and to collect enough cash to register his last name.  No titles for him.  It is enough just to be fabulous.