Raven Upgrade

Potshot, Gaff, and I got to spend some time running level IV missions over the weekend.

Not that they were a huge challenge.  All three of us have second accounts so when we bring all our resources to bear, we have three Drakes, two Ravens, and a Rokh, which adds up to some firepower.  We’ll have to bring that to bear on Worlds Collide some time.

As we finished up the mission, we were chatting about fittings and upgrades when Gaff asked what a Navy Issue Raven would cost, both in skills and price.

Skills are not a problem, but the price can be.  Or used to be.

Some months back I went through the exercise of comparing the Raven, the Raven Navy Issue (CNR), and the Caldari Marauder class battleship, the Golem, to see if it was worth upgrading.

The Golem turned out to be very expensive, both in price and in skills required.

The Raven Navy Issue was easy when it came to skills, but was still too much for me, running in the 400-500 million ISK range.

That was all back in July of last year though, so I decided to check prices on Raven Navy Issue contracts.  It seems that prices have come down.

There were half a dozen Raven Navy Issue battleships available via contract in Jita for 263 million ISK.  You could probably trade a PLEX for one pretty easily.

Since July my fortunes have risen.  263 million ISK still seems pricey, though after the Charon I could handle it.

So, with cash in my pocket, I hopped in a shuttle and headed to traffic control central, Jita, to buy me a new ship.  And after a moment or two of confusion and panic (263 million gone, no ship in hanger, have I been scammed?) I figured out how to claim an item from a contract and flew my new toy back home.

Raven Navy Issue safe in its hanger

Raven Navy Issue safe in its hanger

I stripped my old raven for fittings, added one more cruise missile launcher I had sitting around, gathered together salvage for three capacitor control circuit rigs, and I was set.

I will go back and refit my old raven over time to keep as a backup.  I hate to think of losing my new ship, but this is EVE.

Now I just have to try it out on a mission to see how much of a difference the extra shields and additional launcher make.

8 thoughts on “Raven Upgrade

  1. JC

    CCC’s? What on earth are you thinking?

    Rigor and/or Flare rigs, my man!

    Okay, I admit, I have 1 rigor, 1 flare, and 1 CCC on my CNR. Even so — the rigor and flare for more damage and less loss to explosions radius/velocity are much better, IMO than the additional couple of seconds of capacitor. If the enemies die before they hit you, then you don’t need the cap, after all.

    Don’t forget a target painter!


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I will have to look into those rigs. My DPS does not go up by much when I pull 2 CCCs and put a flare and a rigor on in EFT, but that is generic DPS and does not take into account having to shoot at frigates. But that is why I drag my alt along in his battlecruiser, to zap little stuff like that.

    I’m always happy to hear alternate theories in the EFT game. I got my current setup off of BattleClinic where it was positively reviewed. And, of course, I have the BPO for CCC rigs with material efficiency trained to 40 on it, so I am inclined to go that route.


  3. Aurea

    Personally, I fit 2x CCC and one CDOS rig on my Ravens, navy or otherwise. Dual Pithi B-type boosters, a boost amp and 3 hardeners makes for a hell of a tank.


  4. mbp

    LOl just don’t go flying that CNR anywhere near Minmatar space. CNR flyers are universally derided by Minnies and much mirth is had on the Minnie chat channels when a CNR bites the dust. (Secretly I guess we are jealous that Caldari got the best mission runner in the game)


  5. JC

    Yah, those rigs won’t change your EFT dps, but IG they reduce the loss of damage for shooting smaller/faster ships.

    One of them doesn’t work for Torps, though, so if you ever want a torp fit, don’t use that one. I don’t recall which it is off the top of my head.

    FWIW, I can usually 1-volley a painted frigate with those rigs. Cruisers tend to be 2, maybe 3 volleys, depending on their resists. BC’s tend to be 2 volleys occasionally 3, and BS’s are from 4-8, but you don’t really need a painter on them with cruise missiles.


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