Regigigas Event at Toys R Us has news of another Pokemon download event at Toys R Us.  It will be an even longer event, going from Sunday March 8th through Saturday March 21st.


Of course, March 21st is the DAY BEFORE the big launch of Pokemon Platinum.  And this Pokemon, according to, will help you unlock special Pokemon when migrated to Platinum.

The date is also just a couple weeks before the launch of the Nintendo DSi, which will, among other things, remove backward compatibility with GameBoy Advance game cartridges.

I am sure this will mean something when it comes to the migration of Pokemon from older versions of the game.  All of the GBA versions of the Pokemon series are still for sale on store shelves.  I imagine this is the harbinger of those games eventually being retired.

On the other hand, the new DSi has a “hot swap” feature that will hopefully allow single unit migration from Diamond and Pearl into Platinum, when the time comes.

14 thoughts on “Regigigas Event at Toys R Us

  1. TheRemedy

    There’s a rumor that they will eventually launch a virtual console for the DSi to go along with the DSiware store. If it does happen, I’m going to assume every iteration of Pokemon will be some of the first games for sale.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    At least for GBA games, they shouldn’t need any special emulation, since they run already on the current DS models. But I suspect that rumor is somewhere close to the truth. The Wii Virtual Console has let Nintendo do what it loves to do, squeeze even more money out of old titles, characters, and concepts.

    It is a good thing I pretty much bypassed Nintendo before the Wii came out, so all that doesn’t bother me much, but I hear it from people who have played Nintendo for a while.


  3. Redhawk

    awwwww, some of the gameboy games are awesome!!!! nintendorks is goin to lot a heck of a lot of money


  4. Luis Alvarez

    At what time will this event be because ive called my nearest toys r us and i asked and they are having the pokemon evenr.

    What time???


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    If it is like previous events, then it will be pretty much store hours during the dates above. The whole thing is pretty self-service, with instructions posted next to the wireless station.


  6. Mark

    I just got my Regigigas. It’s level 100. Apparently this pokemon isn’t rare, though. I could otherwise trade from other games to get it (and the “unlockables” for Platinum, too).


  7. chris566

    I went to the event dose this help me in diamond?all ppl say is it helps u get the other 3 regis in platnim


  8. Steve

    Can I Trade Regigigas from 1 diamond game to another and hold 2 Regigigas wonder cards on 1 game? Then return to Toys R Us and get a 3rd one? My son has his game out of town and cannot get to Toy R Us before March 21st. and I would like to get him a Regigigas before Platimium comes out.


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I do not know Steve. You might try the transfer, delete the wonder card, and see if you can download again. I do not know how the game keeps track of whether you have already downloaded or not.


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