Being That Guy With the Truck

Everybody knows somebody with a vehicle that is useful for hauling things.  (If you live in the US, it is the curse of owning a pickup truck.)  They may not be a close friend, but they are surprisingly dear when you need to get a dining room table home or a couch moved and you aren’t keen to pay a steep delivery charge or rent a truck for the day.

For our corp, I am now that guy.  I own a freighter, and with great cargo capacity comes great responsibility.

Not that I mind.  That is what I bought the ship to do, haul things.

And, as usual, I have been allowed to learn new things in EVE Online.

Wanting some stuff moved16 jumps from our main base of operations without having to make the trip with me, Gaff figured out how to create a contract that allowed me to haul it at my leisure so it was there for him to pick up at the destination the next day.

It turned out to be pretty easy.  At the hauling end of things you get a freight container with the destination as its name.

It would be nice if you could right click on the contain and set the destination, but you can’t have everything.

Potshot also went the contract route so I could move some goods for him.

In addition to learning about contracts and hauling, I have also learned a couple of things a freighter cannot do.

You cannot, for example, take a freighter through a mission gate.

You also cannot use a freighter for near infinite mining storage.

Darren and Jonathan were mining the other night and I said I would haul for them.  I wanted to show off my new ship and surprise them with its immense size, so I did not mention I would be flying out in the Charon.

When I warped in they were suitably impressed.  But when I went to start emptying their jet can, I got a surprise message.


My dream of, say, hours of travel free ice mining were dashed.

So I got my alt out and hauled for them in a much-less-impressive Badger while I flew the Charon around hoping to scare off any can flippers with the sheer size of the thing.

I brought it up and over in a loop, which looks unnatural.

Slowly over the top...

Slowly over the top...

When in the verticle position monolith quotes from “2001 – A Space Odyssey” began to come out.  It might be full of stars, but it was not full of ore.

Still, having the freighter there ended up being handy.  When the mining was done I was able to haul the whole take from the station to market.

12 thoughts on “Being That Guy With the Truck

  1. michael, St Erroneous

    Up and over!

    The inability of freighters to access jetcans is one of the reasons the Orca was greeted with insane waves of glee by miners. :)


  2. Erbo Evans

    Yep. I have both an Obelisk (ΡΑΔ Tuomas Holopainen) and an Orca (ΡΑΔ Janne Wirman) for the corp, and they both have different uses. We’d never have been able to move headquarters from Vilur to Assiad without the Obelisk, while the Orca has already proven its worth in mining operations. Always use the right tool for the job. :-)


  3. Werit

    That is a nice ship. I am still tooling around in a Bdger… but I’d love to upgrade. So many skills to train and not enough time :)


  4. *vlad*

    There is no up and down in space, except in Star Trek and Star Wars.

    Space ships in films always float on an imaginary sea, with their ‘keels’ below and their ‘decking’ above, but there is no reason why when two space ships meet, one should not be ‘upside down’.

    It was this unrealistic 2D approach to space that lead to Khan’s downfall in The Wrath of Khan. Noob.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @*vlad* – I’m not talking about space though, I am talking about a game.

    Yes, in space there is no up and down. But in EVE Online, ships almost always level themselves out parallel to the plane described by the orbits of the planets in the system they are in, thus quite clearly giving the visual reference needed to make clear what is up and what is down.

    You can see the asteroid field in that picture arrayed along that plane with the Charon vertical relative to it.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @*vlad* – “There is no up and down in space”

    Actually, thinking on this, I am going to disagree. There is always up and down, and they are always relative to your own position and reference points.

    Here on Earth we have gravity that provides a strong reference point, but up and down are still relative. Standing on the sidewalk in front of the Sears Tower in Chicago, the 10th floor is up. To a guy on the 50th floor, it is down. The direction I point at as up works for both me and the guy on the 50th floor, but is practically the direction down for somebody in Sri Lanka.

    Up and down are always there and always relative.

    @Draxxus – I’ll look into it. I’m behind a meme already, so it may be a while.


  7. Letrange

    I still remember a 3 day mining op in a Large low sec site. We hauled one jump away to high sec during the op. It was a quiet gate so little excitement was to be had pirate wise. You should have heard the freighter pilot when he realized he’d have to make two trips to haul all the ore to a refinery station.


  8. Saylah

    Grats on the ship. Even though my best intentions never keep me rooted in EVE for long, I still enjoy reading the posts of others.


  9. Leland Komac

    I enjoy reading these EVE blogs. I seem to be about 10M SP behind you and it’s fun to see how someone else plays in the sandbox. I started on the manufacturing first, then mining and now I’m trying lvl4 missions solo in a Raven. Different path than you, but surprisingly similar ends. Have you been shot at in hi-sec in your Charon? I was in a 1.0 system and someone in an Ibis took 1 shot at me in mine and missed! There was no 2nd attempt.


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