Daily Archives: March 7, 2009

That Sixth Screen Shot Meme Thing

Scott / Talyn over at Pumping Irony tagged me with that “Sixth Screen Shot” meme thing that has been going around of late.

Like a game of telephone operator, as the meme moves along the rules seem to morph.  Not that I am sure the rules were that solid in the first place… the sixth screen shot in the sixth sub folder of the sixth son of the sixth son or some such.

Anyway, there appeared to be some wiggle room in choosing pictures.

As I counted it, EverQuest ended up being the sixth folder of screen shots on my hard drive, and after I sorted the folder a few different ways, I ended up with a sixth picture I liked.

Crushbone Keep

Crushbone Keep

Having fulfilled the bargain, I now get to tag some other people.  I choose Karen at Journeys with Jaye and Gaff at Trot Line because neither has posted anything in months as well as Potshot and Darren just because it will annoy them.