Daily Archives: March 9, 2009

It’s Down

I saw the last seconds tick off before the big shut down for the Apocrypha expansion in EVE Online.

Of course, things don’t go away instantly…

But after a few seconds of that, the connection went down and I was out.

Good bye classic graphics!  You’ll only be the stuff of legends and screen shots now!

Soon we’ll say hello to skill queues, wormholes, tech III, and all that they will bring to the game.

I hope that two day skill is enough.

Apocrypha is Coming!

Apocrypha, the latest EVE Online free expansion is coming, and it is bringing many wonderful things.

Some of them are easy to grasp, like a skill queue of sorts that will allow you to pile up all those 8 minute to a couple hour skills into a batch to run overnight or while you’re at the office.

Others are more complex, like the wormholes and probing, which Kirith Kodachi has been exploring in depth on his blog, to tech III ships which… are… a whole new ball of wax.

Apocrypha is upon us, showing up tomorrow.  You have to love CCP; about the time we’re all starting to understand something new is coming, it is here!  No long waits.

Of course, that means system downtime, the announcement for which has been posted:

Deployment of the free expansion, EVE Online: Apocrypha will begin at 03:00 GMT on 10 March. We anticipate the extended downtime for the deployment may take up to 13 hours and we expect to be back up at 16:00 GMT.

We recommend starship pilots prepare for the unveiling of that which is hidden by setting a long-training skill.

During this time Tranquility will be offline, our forums and news section, the EVE API and Secure (login for EVElopedia, Account Management etc) will be taken down at about 02:30 GMT. Secure will return at 05:30 GMT and the news section and the forums will be partially up at 09:30 GMT to provide players with a feedback channel.

The EVE API will remain down until downtime 11 March. We will activate a back-up news system to provide updates during the time our news section is down.

03:00 GMT on March 10th is 8pm Pacific time on March 9th (today) out here on the left coast, where daylight savings time is also now upon us.

And, like the man says, make sure you queue up a nice long (multi-day) skill before the down time.

CCP has been very good about not going long on the last couple of expansion, but I still remember a couple where the downtime went into the following day.  So be prepared!