It’s Down

I saw the last seconds tick off before the big shut down for the Apocrypha expansion in EVE Online.

Of course, things don’t go away instantly…

But after a few seconds of that, the connection went down and I was out.

Good bye classic graphics!  You’ll only be the stuff of legends and screen shots now!

Soon we’ll say hello to skill queues, wormholes, tech III, and all that they will bring to the game.

I hope that two day skill is enough.

11 thoughts on “It’s Down

  1. Jonathan

    It’s rare that I find myself that excited about an expansion. And yet, this is one of those times. From the Tech3 to the skill queue… from the exploration to the redone effects… and maybe even because Walking in Stations is likely the next in line…

    I cannot wait to play this new expansion!


  2. Werit

    Skill queues are only for less than 24 hour stuff. So no setting up a month worth of skills.

    I’m excited… even though it will have little effect on my character. Wormholes and Tech 3 are pretty far off for me.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yes, all the skills in your queue must start within 24 hours, but over time I have found that it isn’t the long skills that are annoying, it is all those skills that are somewhere between an hour and 12 hours that bug me. Not having to ride heard on training, being able to set a new skill to go from level 1 to 3 or 4 without intervention will be a big help.


  4. p@tsh@t

    Got home a bit late, but still managed to put away 45 minutes’ worth kernite before downtime just in case…

    I agree the short skills will be the big win. I have at least 20 different skills I would love to have with at least a few ticks into them. If I’m not hell bent on some specific skill plan, I’d love to knock off a dozen of these things from time to time. Great for noobs and great for those of us with alt-skill-itis.

    My big question is will I still be able to run two clients on my crappy work laptop now that Classic has gone bye bye.


  5. Captain Braddock

    just a small warning to all would be wormhole chasers. don’t enter them with your covert op or other exploring ship. there are already other players there waiting to pawn you. not even for a little peek
    make a book mark and get a biiger ship, heck get some friends and go ahead full :)

    btw the new scanning system is something to get used to but it rocks. it works to near perfection.. no more shuffeling the different probes, no more warpint to different spots
    no more probe range overlapping. in general i can track down a hit under 30 mins.. oh good news you can reclaim the probes extending their time back to the full hour.. so no longer do you need extra probes…
    the map management is something of a troll it works but not as you expected :)
    happy hunting everyone


  6. Joe

    My wife and I didn’t experience any pwning. She found a wormhole and I followed her into it in a frigate. She started scanning and found some anomalies and we began warping and exploring all over the place. We quickly found out it was too tough for us (we’re noobs), so I asked her where the Wormhole exit was.

    “The what?”

    “You did bookmark it, didn’t you?”

    Crap. Neither one of us thought to bookmark the wormhole exit. Then we noticed on local chat: “Anybody know how to get out of here?”
    There were about 9-12 of us in there, all searching for a way out. No one was aggressive, they were all very helpful and friendly. Maybe there was a certain amount of camaraderie since we were all stuck there and somewhat embarrassed.

    I ended up pod-killing myself to get out, since I was completely useless in there (no probing skills). My wife is going to stick with it and try to find a way out. I imagine she’ll be a pro at scanning/probing once she returns to k-space. Awesome stuff.


  7. bluelinebasher

    I found one and bookmarked it for later. It was gone. New scanning system took a while to figure out, but I like it. Especially the reusable probes.


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