Daily Archives: March 12, 2009

Transportation Fund

With my mom, my daughter, and myself all pushing up through the 20s, my thoughts began to turn towards mounts.

Back in the old days, when you first became eligible for a mount at level 40 in World of Warcraft, having 100 gold set aside for your first mount wasn’t such a big deal.  Unless you were spending your gold as fast as it came in, it wasn’t hard to save up.

But I have not had to face having 100 gold set aside by level 30.  That seemed to require some planning.

So we got ourselves organized.

I had been doing herbalism and inscription on my character.  I always pick up a trade skill.  It is like a sickness with me.  But I decided to put off inscription for a while and just concentrate on harvesting and selling herbs.

My mom and daughter both got in on the plan, picking up herbalism and skinning on each of their characters.

Then I started up Auctioneer to get a feel for the market.  It had been a while since I used the addon, so I was glad to see there was an up to date version available and that it was still functioning well.

I took the first few batches of herbs and leather and sold the lot out.  I was up to 100 gold in a couple of days.

I took that 100 gold and invested in a guild bank tab.

That might seem like a bit of foolish spending, but with a 3 hour time difference with my mom and my daughter running around on her own at times during the weekend, I wanted to make sure it did not become a pain to collect raw material for sale.

Following that route our collected materials have brought in an additional 200 gold over the last week, selling mostly herbs and light leather.   At this rate I figured all our characters should have a mount when they hit level 30.

And then I actually looked up mounts and found out that not only had they lowered the level requirement for the first mount, Blizzard also lowered the price.

You only need 45 gold.

So we are well and truly covered and can invest in gear upgrades and the like.  16 slot bags for everyone!  I might even continue on with inscription.

Now, about epic mounts… those prices did not go down… well, we have another 30 levels before we have to worry about that.