Transportation Fund

With my mom, my daughter, and myself all pushing up through the 20s, my thoughts began to turn towards mounts.

Back in the old days, when you first became eligible for a mount at level 40 in World of Warcraft, having 100 gold set aside for your first mount wasn’t such a big deal.  Unless you were spending your gold as fast as it came in, it wasn’t hard to save up.

But I have not had to face having 100 gold set aside by level 30.  That seemed to require some planning.

So we got ourselves organized.

I had been doing herbalism and inscription on my character.  I always pick up a trade skill.  It is like a sickness with me.  But I decided to put off inscription for a while and just concentrate on harvesting and selling herbs.

My mom and daughter both got in on the plan, picking up herbalism and skinning on each of their characters.

Then I started up Auctioneer to get a feel for the market.  It had been a while since I used the addon, so I was glad to see there was an up to date version available and that it was still functioning well.

I took the first few batches of herbs and leather and sold the lot out.  I was up to 100 gold in a couple of days.

I took that 100 gold and invested in a guild bank tab.

That might seem like a bit of foolish spending, but with a 3 hour time difference with my mom and my daughter running around on her own at times during the weekend, I wanted to make sure it did not become a pain to collect raw material for sale.

Following that route our collected materials have brought in an additional 200 gold over the last week, selling mostly herbs and light leather.   At this rate I figured all our characters should have a mount when they hit level 30.

And then I actually looked up mounts and found out that not only had they lowered the level requirement for the first mount, Blizzard also lowered the price.

You only need 45 gold.

So we are well and truly covered and can invest in gear upgrades and the like.  16 slot bags for everyone!  I might even continue on with inscription.

Now, about epic mounts… those prices did not go down… well, we have another 30 levels before we have to worry about that.

11 thoughts on “Transportation Fund

  1. Morane

    It would have been pretty bad if they had lowered the level but not the price! How many level 30’s have 100g? Actually, you probably only needed 85g even under the old scheme assuming a 15% discount from being Revered with your home city.

    I got lucky, I had 80g at level 42 the day before they announced this change. Saved me 50g.


  2. Tipa

    “With my mom, my daughter, and myself all pushing up through the 20s…”

    I tried and tried to figure this out in my head, but even guessing at the most liberal marriage laws, I can’t see how this is humanly, biologically possible.

    Are you an extraterrestrial? And can you bring me back to the galactic federation when you leave? I’ve been away from my home planet so very long…


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Tee hee… yes Tipa, I know how unfamiliar you are with level based massively multiplayer games, so no doubt you could not figure out I was talking about levels rather than ages even with the context of the post to go by….


  4. Tipa

    Pffft you knew I was joking :)

    But it WAS the first thing that came to mind as I started reading your post!

    Sorry if I offended :( Wasn’t meant to be offensive.


  5. Armagon

    Ahnog, because you

    a) need to learn epic land riding skill to be able to buy flying skill

    b) what Wilhelm said, you don’t need it until 77 at all, unless you plan to quest in SMV or Netherstorm, which again would be 68+ zones, when most people will already be heading for Northrend. And also if not, SMV/Net is 90% perfectly doable without a flying mount.


  6. Gooney

    If you want a little secret about earning gold in WoW. Take your inscription up to the level that you can do Minor Inscription Research.

    Then every day you will gain a new Minor Glyph. Minor Glyphs sell for 10-55 gold each because nobody makes them, and the ones that do sell them for nutty prices so you can easily undercut them and still make a mint. By the time my Mage had dinged 60 I had over 7000 gold. I quite literally made between 150-300 gold per day, especially if I had stocked correctly, stock heavy so that you have as much available for sale at the best price on Friday and Saturday evening and you’ll watch the gold roll in.

    Cost of materials for glyphs is nothing even if your buying all the herbs…course I didn’t start doing that until I had a bankroll of about 3k gold.

    Inscription is the best prof ever for earning cash if you learn what sells and what doesn’t.



  7. Elisten

    Hey –

    You might want to check out Auctionator instead of Auctioneer. Same thing, easier to use. :)

    My husband used Auctioneer for awhile and I made him try Auctionator and he is down on his knees everyday thanking me!



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