Daily Archives: March 13, 2009

Mythic Tries To Tempt, Fails

I thought for a fleeting moment that Mythic had figured out a way to get me to try Warhammer Online again when I saw this in my inbox:

Karl Franz wants to talk... to me?

Karl Franz wants to talk... to me?

Like the rest of the tourists who fled Warhammer Online en mass (it’s Friday, right Syncaine?), I got an email from Mythic trying to get be to come back and try the game again.

My eye grabbed on to and processed “10 FREE DAYS” first and my mind quickly slotted that information in the “immediate attention” bin.

10 free days is one way that Mythic could get me back in the game.  Granted, as these things usually go, I would probably spend the first 2-5 days patching, but as long as I timed it right I could get in some play time on a weekend.

Then my mind finished processing the rest of that sentence, which included the word “REACTIVATE,” appended a $15 dollar charge to the 10 free days, removed it from the “immediate attention” box and dropped it in the recycle for blog post bin.

Seriously Mythic, I’ve already gambled on your product, put up money first in the hope of getting something I would like in return.  I bought a collectors edition and even played beyond the initial 30 days that came with purchase.  At the end of that I decided that I was having more fun playing games produced by your competitors.

And now you think you can come back and say, “No, look, we’re cool now.  Just give us your credit card number and things will be great.”

Sorry, no.

I see that you have tried to sweeten the deal a bit.


Rested experience and a special quest with a bonus item.  I rather expect to get the rested experience no matter what and the quest is another dubious pig in a poke as we all know you cannot hand out a bonus item that is of any use only to some players and not have other players scream.  By default it has to be superficial, so let’s not kid ourselves on this.

Give me the 10 free days, no strings attached, and we can talk.  I’ll commit to giving your game another shot with that deal.

But if you need to see a credit card up front, you can tell Karl Franz I’m busy fighting Shansha’s Nation.

When all your major competitors can figure out how to give me a few free days without needing a credit card, you need to figure it out as well.