Mythic Tries To Tempt, Fails

I thought for a fleeting moment that Mythic had figured out a way to get me to try Warhammer Online again when I saw this in my inbox:

Karl Franz wants to talk... to me?

Karl Franz wants to talk... to me?

Like the rest of the tourists who fled Warhammer Online en mass (it’s Friday, right Syncaine?), I got an email from Mythic trying to get be to come back and try the game again.

My eye grabbed on to and processed “10 FREE DAYS” first and my mind quickly slotted that information in the “immediate attention” bin.

10 free days is one way that Mythic could get me back in the game.  Granted, as these things usually go, I would probably spend the first 2-5 days patching, but as long as I timed it right I could get in some play time on a weekend.

Then my mind finished processing the rest of that sentence, which included the word “REACTIVATE,” appended a $15 dollar charge to the 10 free days, removed it from the “immediate attention” box and dropped it in the recycle for blog post bin.

Seriously Mythic, I’ve already gambled on your product, put up money first in the hope of getting something I would like in return.  I bought a collectors edition and even played beyond the initial 30 days that came with purchase.  At the end of that I decided that I was having more fun playing games produced by your competitors.

And now you think you can come back and say, “No, look, we’re cool now.  Just give us your credit card number and things will be great.”

Sorry, no.

I see that you have tried to sweeten the deal a bit.


Rested experience and a special quest with a bonus item.  I rather expect to get the rested experience no matter what and the quest is another dubious pig in a poke as we all know you cannot hand out a bonus item that is of any use only to some players and not have other players scream.  By default it has to be superficial, so let’s not kid ourselves on this.

Give me the 10 free days, no strings attached, and we can talk.  I’ll commit to giving your game another shot with that deal.

But if you need to see a credit card up front, you can tell Karl Franz I’m busy fighting Shansha’s Nation.

When all your major competitors can figure out how to give me a few free days without needing a credit card, you need to figure it out as well.

56 thoughts on “Mythic Tries To Tempt, Fails

  1. Dickie

    That does kinda stink. I’ve been seeing everywhere that they have the 10 free days thing for former players, but this is the first I’ve heard that you have to resub to get it!

    If you don’t mind starting at first level, I could always toss you a friend-pass that doesn’t require a resub. The changes have been really good, and the early tiers are packed right now because of the new careers, so it’s not a bad time at all to give it a shot again. Shoot me an email if you do, dickie at rainbommo dot com.


  2. Snafzg

    Obviously they needed to spell this out in big bold letters because you are not the only person confused by this. Reading their FAQ and initial announcement on the WAR Herald states that YES, you must resubscribe, but NO you won’t be charged during those 10 free days.

    My understanding is that you give them your credit card info to resub and as long as you cancel before your 10 free days are up, you won’t be charged the $15 monthly fee.

    Unfortunately, a couple people HAVE been charged for immediately re-upping, which is only validating this misunderstanding. If that happens, contact customer service. Obviously, this isn’t as flawless as it should be and it’s kind of stupid for them to accidentally screw people over they’re basically begging to give them another chance.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Snafzg – I don’t think I am confused at all on the subject, so big bold letters are not required. Having to give them a credit card at all is a deal breaker for me. It is that simple.

    The fact that they have screwed up and charged people when they shouldn’t have and now they have to spend time on hold waiting for customer service is just an example of why it is a deal breaker.


  4. Snafzg

    I agree with you there. Personally, I would be pissed off if I got charged for something I thought was supposed to be free.

    They need your credit card simply for verification purposes and convenience if you decide to stick around. They could also be hoping to squeeze $15 out of people who neglect to unsubscribe even though they don’t want to keep playing, but that would be a dick move. Also, it would be more of a pain in the ass than its worth due to the strain on customer service.

    Werit’s suggestion is a good one, but has drawbacks too. Re-opening all the accounts for a set time period might work for some but it wouldn’t be convenient for all. “Hey come play for 10 free days… we’ve already opened your account!” would lead to “Damn, I am on vacation, out of town for work, or too busy with RL this week to take advantage of it.”


  5. syncaine

    Good, one fewer carebear in the T1 starter PQ :)

    I can understand the fear of giving out a CC number (although to a source that you already previously given it to), but I’ll take less tourists coming back for 10 days over getting 10x gold spam messages and “why is this still not WoW” on the forums.

    That aside, it’s too bad, as I’m curious if WAR’s current state would entertain you. The oRvR is readily available now, easy PQs are in (and all PQs show up on your map now), and overall finding a fight is much easier (which I think was one of your major complaints, and you stated when you found oRvR, you enjoyed it). That said, perhaps after 1.3 is live would be a better time. While 1.2 was a good patch for current WAR players, I don’t think it full fixes what made others quit. Tough to say though, a few CoW members have come back and are really enjoying themselves, so who knows.


  6. Armagon

    Oh, I didn’t even *notice* that this is also for already subscribed people :P
    My girlfriend made her account back when the europe war page was launched, before we even ordered. She never ended up buying WAR, but right now she’s playing the 10 “free” days on an existing account that never ever had been charged already…


  7. coppertopper

    Its tough not to be disgruntled over this game. Especially with the stupid spin game Mark Jacobs is playing to try and make ‘fixing 1000 bugs’ and adding classes that were supposed to be in at launch sound like a content update instead of a desperately needed patch. I am waiting for the new content patch (the RvR dungeon) to give them any more money.

    But 10 free days to try the new classes and run around with guildies all for 30 seconds of my time to put in CC information? Thats pure win.


  8. Saylah

    That attempt by Mythic is EPIC FAIL. Like you I purchased a collector’s edition TIMES TWO. We played/payed for two months on one account and three on another. If they best they can do is $10 with me doing the rework to resub/unsub then they’ve learned very little.

    EQ2 gave us wasn’t it two or three months trying to get players back?? I jumped all over it and even re-sub’d another two months after it ran out. If they were serious about wanting players back 10 days no strings or wake-up and do a month. I would have “thought about it” for 10 days. I would have jumped on it for 30.


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Snafzg – I am not sure how that link helps. They don’t *need* my credit card for the 10 days according to that thread, just to charge me if I exceed it (and not for verification purposes). They could just put a stop on my account after 10 days and let me resubscribe then.

    As for convenience free time, which you brought up, they could do what I just suggested and ask for the card after 10 days, they could make the time line longer like SOE does, or they could do free times more frequently, like City of Heroes.

    Instead, they chose the path they did and it is one that I shan’t take. Such is life.

    @Syncaine – If they haven’t made the “L” key open up to the quest log in the ToK directly, or given me the ability to map that, you might not want to hear what I think. That and who knows where my characters are now. Not on the same server as CoW I’ll wager.

    Mythic having my credit card number and Mythic having my credit card number and my authorization to activate my account and charge the card are two different things. The fact that they have screwed up and charged people incorrectly is evidence of that.

    @Saylah – I think I could have played EQ2 from May 15th to September 15th for free last year. I did not play much, but in the end I bought the expansion that it lead up to.


  10. Graktar

    Although I agree having to resubscribe with a 10 day grace period is a stupid way to do a “come back and try for free!” deal, the advantage is that it’s entirely on your terms. Other games that do the “come back for free” deals do it on specific days — if you miss those days, no free time for you. With this offer, you can choose to start your 10 days next week or tomorrow, it doesn’t matter.

    However, I do think they need to remove the automatic billing at the end of the 10 day period. It should just close your account again and give you the offer to continue via an e-mail or login prompt. Otherwise it comes across as, ahem, a porn site “free trial” :P


  11. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Potshot – I had not noticed that! I am not sure which is more disturbing, that only one person on my friend’s list is still playing or that Earl is still paying despite the fact he wasn’t too keen on the game.

    Maybe he went back while the instance group was in hiatus.


  12. syncaine

    Haha, I forgot about the whole L key thing with you. As far as I know (don’t honestly check L key functionality), you still have to click twice to open the log. Maybe that ToK mod fixes this? I don’t actually do much with quests anymore, and never really used the quest page in the ToK when I did.

    As for your character, server transfers in WAR are far easier/quicker than in a game like WoW (my only experience with character transfers in other MMO games), and since you can pick the server, you will be on the same one as CoW Order.

    Billing errors aside (when is billing ever flawless?), they don’t have authority to charge you until AFTER your 10 free days, so I’m still not seeing the issue with that. If someone is interested in trying the game again, they can do so for free for 10 days. The difference here is you just have to go to the account page and click ‘cancel’ if you still find WAR is not the game for you. If clicking that button is a deal breaker, well then you are likely someone who bitchs about the L key :)


  13. Green Armadillo

    Quoth Snafzg: “They need your credit card simply for verification purposes….”

    Snafzg, that is utter BS. Verification of what? That it’s you logging into your Mythic account with your password? The one that’s been inactive for months? If someone has been keylogging you for long enough to get your Warhammer password when you’re no longer playing the game, they’ve also got your credit card number. The one and only purpose to requiring the CC is to force players who do NOT want to continue to have to take action within a certain amount of time to avoid being billed.

    Unlike Wilhelm, I don’t have a problem entering my CC and immediately canceling (in fact, it was the very first thing I did when I entered my Warhammer retail key back in September, on the grounds that Mythic would get more of my money when I decided to pay them), but verification is utter garbage, and the only convenience they care about is their ability to reach into your wallet.


  14. Swift Voyager

    Never mind what you said about this crap offer (sorry, I don’t mean that in a trolling kind of way, it just seems like a lame offer), or any of the comments about the game’s qualities. As long as they insist that I purchase a box before I can try the game, forget it. I don’t even look at new games these days unless there’s a free demo of some kind, unless I REALLY know it’s going to be good.

    If I play a free demo and it sucks, I don’t really think that an e-mail with another free demo of the same game is going to get my credit card out of my pocket. Maybe they are counting on the fact that many of the people who quit playing the game already paid for the box and therefore are somewhat more likely to try it again. I could understand that, but in my personal experience, there’s not much EA could do to get me to install Spore on my computer again, especially if it took my credit card to do so.


  15. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Syncaine – Tell me you’re haven’t sunk so low as to try an excuse Mythic’s screw ups with generalizations about billing? Just tattoo Mark Jacob’s name in a heart on your arm and be done with it.

    When should I accept billing that is less than perfect? How about never? Is never good for your people in accounts receivable? Companies that screw up my billing get repeat business very grudgingly from me.

    And reality check here, if they can bill my account without any further action on my part, they have authorization. Their screw ups prove that. The 10 day things is just a whispered promise.

    On character transfers being easy, that’s great. How much does it cost? If it isn’t free, then there is another barrier to entry, but at least one that most of WAR’s competitors have.


  16. syncaine

    The transfer is free.

    My point about billing was if you research any site, you will find people saying billing screwed them (true or not). Are you telling me you are going to stop using Amazon because some random forum poster said he got incorrectly charged? Plus, it’s not like the billing error is permanent, they admitted the mistake and don’t actually charge people.

    But sure, it’s much easier to fear monger from the outside than to actual experience it yourself. If you take them up on the 10 day thing (even just to test billing), and come back with an error that cost you $15, I’ll give you a full week of traffic (but I’ll have to do it by calling you a carebear all week, positive links don’t seem to drive traffic)


  17. Swift Voyager

    I’m curious Wilhelm. Do you feel like you got your money’s worth out of the original box purchase? Did you at least play the game long enough to justify the entertainment cost per hour?

    I’m with you on the expectation of perfect billing. Some people only expect 99.99% accuracy on some things, and they are happy with that. I like to think of it in practical terms. Here’s an analogy of why 99.99% success isn’t good enough: Imagine crossing the street. Would 99.99% success rate be good enough for you? That’s just one time out of a thousand, right? So once every thousand times you cross the street, you fail and get hit by a bus. Is that good enough?

    I’m sure that I’ve never been hit by a bus or any other vehicle, so I’m sure I have a 100% success rate there. I really don’t think it’s too much to ask that companies find a way to be 100% successful at critical tasks like billing. On the other hand, maybe I’m just too picky as getting hit by a bus may not be as bad as it sounds.


  18. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Syncaine – Yeah, more generalizations! Find me some point where came up with an offer that said they won’t charge you for 10 days, then immediately screwed that up. Maybe Mythic laid off too many QA people?

    But that does not matter, as you’re the one who was excusing billing screw ups then accusing me of fear mongering.

    My point was in my post: I don’t give people credit card authorization for a free trial.

    That is a simple concept. Mythic’s competitors that need to give out free trials “get” that. Mythic does not.

    @Swift Voyager – Money’s worth? That is hard to measure. As a group we did not leave WAR because it was a bad game or because it cost too much. When it came down to it, as a group, our play budget was the main constraint. We had some fun playing WAR, but more fun playing other games. We wanted to spend our limited time where we were having the most fun. WAR lost.


  19. syncaine

    Swift, people do get hit by a bus, therefor crossing the street is indeed not 100% safe.

    It’s like flying in a plane. It’s statistically the safest way to travel, yet planes still crash, so should we never travel?


  20. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Syncaine – You’re right. We should look both ways before crossing the street and not hand out credit card information when it isn’t called for.


  21. syncaine

    I’m not saying the CC thing is the best way to do a ‘welcome back’ offer (it’s not a free trial), but if clicking a ‘cancel’ button is going to be the make/break for someone, I’m guessing the original interest was just not that high to begin with. And again, the billing error does not actually end up costing someone $15, but an email to customer service. Annoying yes, but again overblown here.


  22. Surma

    Made to the best of my (admittedly pathetic) abilities…

    As for the rest of it, they could have just sent out a “coupon” offering 10 free days. Just put the number on the coupon into a subscription box and there you go, free play time whenever you would like to redeem it. Never have to worry about them charging you accidentally, and it can be used when the customer decides they want to virtually eliminating the “miss out on free days” thing Graktar mentions.


  23. Hudson

    Syncaine, you back some of the worst MMO’s on the market. Leave poor Wilhem alone for not playing your shabby ass, half baked video game gankfests. You could have at least gone ahead and re-subbed to Shadowbane while you were at it and defended that one too. He plays EVE, isn’t that enough? And I might add a much superior game to anything you have backed lately.

    WAR has 300,000 or less players for a reason. It’s not that good.


  24. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I think we all agreed that 300,000 is pretty good when you take WoW out of the picture. It was primarily Mark Jacobs saying that WAR needed a lot more than that which made the number a real issue.


  25. bluelinebasher

    I forget was Shadowbane supposed to be the DAoC killer way back when? I took a peek a Mordred (DAoC’s PvP server) and it had 17 active players. You get more in one game of Call of Duty on XBox Live. How long until all servers are combined for Warhammer to fuel the RvR? Maybe Mythic should consider bundling the subscription for all their MMOs to one fee.


  26. Snafzg

    Seems to me they made an error in judgment. Some people are just too disgruntled with the game or paranoid of getting mis-charged to take advantage of a good deal.

    Is this 100% convenient and safe? Nope. Some people will reach for any excuse not to play WAR. Missed opportunity for them I suppose.

    They could have made slightly more accessible I suppose but if someone is too lazy to click two buttons to get to their quest log in something as huge and complex as the ToK (arguably one of the better features to ever hit MMOs), I guess insta-clicking the “unsubscribe” button when they sign up for the retrial is just too much to ask for. :P

    Incidentally, the ToK remembers the last page you were on when you close it, which I actually prefer. Your quest log is part of a bigger book. It’s not the end of the world and over ten years playing WAR you might save yourself a couple minutes of wasted time if it were as you wish it were.


  27. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Snafzg – Thank you so much. Any more insults to hurl? I stated why I didn’t like the offer and you’re back with personal attacks. Why is it that anybody who finds issue with your favored game must be paranoid or disgruntled?

    As for the quest log, I’m sorry I seem so damn lazy to you because I want a particular item I use all the time to come up with one keystroke, something that is a generally accepted standard in the genre. So much of a standard that Mythic planned to implement just that, judging by the key map they published with the game. But then they got ToK fever.

    Yes, the ToK comes up where you last left it, but since you have to use it for so many different things, the quest log usually isn’t the last thing I was in there looking at.

    As for the ToK being arguably one of the better features to hit MMOs, I am just stunned when ever I hear that sort of thing. Really? I mean, it is interesting, but best feature? I found it incredibly awkward since it takes up so much real estate on the screen when open and it forces all sorts of different information to be put in a window of a fixed size. That and the “I can’t just open that window I have to open the ToK and find that window” issue made it seem a quirky affectation at best.

    As for time saved, I didn’t bring that up, did I? No, it is the frustration of the moment when I want to check the quest log and had to open up the ToK and click to the right tab yet again. UI design 101, make often used features easy to access. Relative to its competitors, WAR failed on that mark with the quest log.


  28. skarbd

    Excellent thread of comments, one of the better ones I have read. Let’s remember to try and keep things civil as much as possible.

    Personally, I think it’s an excellent offer, however the CC issue puts a slightly negative spin on it. Which I think it could have done well to do without. The problem is making something an issue, like the CC stuff, when really it should have been left behind in the bad idea bin.

    Is it worth missing an good opportunity to retry something, no I don’t believe it. But it does create a slightly uncomfortable feeling. Mythic tend to do some much right, but have a really unfortunate habit of dropping the ball when crossing the goal line.

    I will never agree with renewals by stealth, which this has the opportunity to be and which WoW does. WoW never emails you at the end of your current period telling you that you are about to renew. Which I went to town with Blizzard last time and got my money back for 6 months.

    I don’t beleive the CC information is necessary at all and it’s a croc of sh*t.

    Finally War has come a massive way since last september and I think to deny that, would be doing yourself a disservice. To moan about warhammer at this current point in time without having the decency to try it, will tend to invalid an opinion.

    Anyway keep up the good work, I will be adding this blog to my read list.


  29. Snafzg

    I call it one of the “better features to hit MMOs” lately because there really aren’t that many new features coming to the genre. This thing tracks almost everything you can possibly do in game and they are expanding it further with every patch.

    Personally, I could care less about the ToK but you can’t really say it isn’t great for what it is.

    Heh, I didn’t mean to sound OVERLY insulting. I was just taking a couple little jabs. :P I was just calling it as I saw it and wasn’t trying to make a random baseless insult for the sake of being mean. To me, it makes perfect sense. You seem so hung up on the minor issue (to me) of the quest log hotkey that it doesn’t really surprise me you’re so hung up on insta-unsubscribing from the quest log. (BTW, if you use your quest log all the time, it will be the last page you looked at. This means your ToK will always default to it.)

    Syncaine has it right. We have no idea if the people charged were fear-mongering based on a lie or based on their own ineptitude. Apparently there’s a retrial wizard button when you try to resubscribe that WILL NOT end up charging your credit card. If these people were too lazy to notice it and tried resubscribing the other way, that explains why they ended up getting charged.

    It’s a simple mistake to make and a simple one to fix (contact customer support).

    If there’s on thing we can agree on I think it’s that Mythic should have been WAY more obvious with their instructions.


  30. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Snafzg – putting a smiley face at the end of a string of insults doesn’t excuse them or make you look like any less of an ass. Grow up.

    You said “arguably one of the better features to ever hit MMOs” about the ToK. Glad to see you’re back-peddling on that wild over statement. As for ToK functionality, I explained my issues above and in another whole post back when I was playing the game. Your opinions on the subject do not reflect my experience when I played the game for two months. Further restating of exactly the same thing won’t change that.

    And, as I said in the post before I heard anything about people being charged, requiring credit card authorization is a deal breaker, end of story. Mythic’s competitors don’t require it, I don’t think Mythic should either. Again, you have your opinion, but I am apparently not allowed my own in your view.


  31. Snafzg

    How am I back-peddling exactly? The ToK may not tickle me pink but I can still recognize it as “arguably one of the better features to ever hit MMOs.” And in case you can’t comprehend what “arguably” means, it’s a word that means the statement isn’t 100% truth. Some will agree and others will not.

    You can have whatever opinion you like about anything, but I can still point out things to argue it. It’s called a debate. You think the retrial issue is dead simply because credit card verification is a deal-breaker for you. I call that paranoia. I fail to see how I am being any more unreasonable than you are on this issue since you fail to see it any other way due to your absolute viewpoint on the matter.

    Obviously it’s a fundamental difference of opinion and we’re both too stubborn to back down from it.

    If you feel insulted by any of this, it’s only a conversation. Just because I think you are a bit anal retentive over the ToK and paranoid over credit card verification doesn’t mean I think you’re an asshole. I exhibit those very same qualities in other aspects of my life for better or worse. I don’t cry foul if someone calls me out on them.


  32. Wilhelm2451 Post author


    Compare and contrast:

    “Arguably one of the better features to ever hit MMOs”

    “I call it one of the “better features to hit MMOs” lately because there really aren’t that many new features coming to the genre.”

    That sounds like backpeddling to me.

    As for the rest, when you feel you need to support your argument with insults, it ceases to be a debate.


  33. Snafzg

    I am tempted to say you are pretty touchy about being called ANYTHING but I’m scared you would think THAT was an insult too. Holy cow man, how have you survived this long on the Internet? :P

    Paranoid? Anal retentive? These are simply short descriptors that save a ton of writing space yet get across the same message.

    I suppose I could have said “I don’t see why you are so worried about giving out your credit card a second time if you trusted them with it before. It may not be the most convenient way to do things, but I don’t believe they’d screw you over. The retrial rules are quite simple. Follow them and you won’t get burned. I can’t believe you are too afraid to do that. It’s really not that big a deal.” instead of paranoid.

    I suppose I could have said “What’s the big deal about having to hotkey once and then click once to get to your favorite feature? The book is big and has many chapters. If you use the quest log so much, the ToK will actually remember the last page you are on so whenever you press the hotkey, you’ll go right back to it lickity split. I can’t believe this rattles your chain so much. It’s really not a big deal.” instead of anal retentive.

    They basically say the same thing so would that have been better?

    As for back-peddling, I was only trying to give you a bit of my thinking behind the original statement. I could elaborate further but I think this horse is already black and blue.


  34. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Calling me disgruntled, paranoid, and anal retentive are not the same as supporting your points, and if you don’t get that I don’t know what to say.

    My main supporting argument against involving billing for free game time is that plenty of competitors don’t require it. Industry standard! Get with the program Mythic. Your refuting of that is to claim I am paranoid? Well, score one for you I guess…. not.

    I think the way the UI handles the quest log is awkward and, again, moves away from standards of the industry. Suddenly I am diagnosed as “anal retentive.” Wow, what a brilliant argument on your part! Hooray for rational thought over emotion!

    And… hrmm… I guess I said something negative about Mythic, so I must be disgruntled! You didn’t provide any actual evidence for that, but you said it! Anything I say must now be discounted.

    So, to answer your question, yes, I think you alternative statement would have been better. It might have actually tried to establish a point. Arguments based on name calling belong on the playground in grammar school.

    As for “how have I survived on the internet?” Quite well for over 20 years now, thank you. Taking somebody to task for thinking insults are argument isn’t a big deal either. The fact that other people insult people they disagree with doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold yourself to a higher standard.


  35. Snafzg

    My bad. I’m just pretty easy going and laid back so I would have taken offense to about ZERO of what I said about you were it directed at me.

    As for disgruntled, that was just a general statement and not directed specifically at you. It is fair to say that SOME PEOPLE are too disgruntled to give WAR another shot. I see them rage about it on every single WAR-related Massively post. I suppose I should have been more clear on that.

    I think this argument could go around in circles all day if we let it, so this will be my last comment on the matter. I am no fanboy of Mythic, believe me (half the posts on my WAR-related blog call them out issues I disagree with) but I still think you’re being way too dramatic and anal about all this.

    I will withdraw my paranoid comment because if your main issue with the billing comes from it not being the “industry standard” then it makes you anal, not paranoid.

    Truthfully, I could care less if you ever gave WAR or Mythic another thought again, however, I think you’re blowing this way out of proportion. Are the retrial and ToK industry standard? No, they aren’t. Is it really the end of the world and so inconvenient that it would strain your mental fortitude to bend to its evil ways? No, it isn’t. Yeesh.


  36. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    As the boat pulls away from the shore and the sun sinks slowly in the west, we hear Snafzg’s final declaration on the subject.

    As for my own position, if i had said “How dare you call me X!” I might see your side. But I have been saying, “How dare you come here thinking insults are substitutes for arguments!”

    And I see by your last comment, you have taken none of it to heart. More the pity, that.


  37. syncaine

    Epic fail here.

    Blogger on blogger crime is only allowed on Friday, not Saturday. Saturday is a day off from work, and hence does not require blog wars to entertain people. You are supposed to be gaming on Saturday (or living a life, but that’s for the weak).

    Also, comment wars without a supporing post don’t drive traffic, which again is fail for blogger wars.

    F’n noobs, all of you! (I’m only posting this because the DarkFall queue is 2 hours+, and I unfortunately had to restart my comp)


  38. Snafzg

    And if you found no supportive statements in my previous comment I think you’re simply looking for insults to whine and make overly analytical statements about.

    I guess if we can take anything away from the discussion, it is this. I am personally not bothered by derogatory speech so I use insults perhaps too casually (though without intent to harm). You seem to be exactly the opposite. This is obviously a bad combination.


  39. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Hah! I knew you couldn’t resist one more comment!

    And, yes, it is hard for me to see much supportive in the comment you refer to. It seemed to go right back to derogatory speech again. You might as well argue along the lines of “You don’t agree with me, so you’re an idiot.”


  40. Ceadrick

    Blah Blah Blah. Man my life is boring. I just read 53 comments on a Saturday night. I’m redownloading UO. Ya that is crazy. I can’t buy Darkfall so I thought I would go Hardcore UO for the Weekend. WOOT.
    I think the War 10 day trial would be better if you didn’t have to put in your credit card. Not because I worry much about the billing, but because it would tell me that Mythic is confident that you’ll come back after those ten days and resub. I probably will try it out if the 10 days is still on the table after their next patch. Oh well have fun guys, I don’t feel alone now. I know other people have no lives!


  41. James Clarkeson

    NOTE : THERE ARE 10 FREE DAYS FOR PEOPLE WHO DID NOT PLAY BUT YOU AS A FORMER PLAYER GET 10 DAYS ONLY IF YOU RESUBSCRIBE!! WAAAAGH! lol – sry for that but you can play free as a nooby on the 10 day trial, I don’t get it.

    Hi – if you go back to Warhammer to play for a bit, I suggest you consider reading the forum posts in Realm vs. Realm on their Beta Form site – there are 2000 plus posts and over 50% of these complain in one way or another about a gigantic screw up post 1.2 patching. The patch was supposed to make the game better. It ruined it, created lag, screwed up sound issues and you can read about this in the Patch 1.2 Bugs.

    The 50% I am talking about is regarding a post patch change to resistences, AoE and the Bright Wizard. It has totalled Tier 4. Unlike most of you, I playe Warhammer for the past 3 months and not at release. It is a broken game and worse for the patch.

    Dark Crag is used as a BETA TEST sight where they try things out on it while you pay to play.

    It is not just that this game is terribly broken and riddled with inconsistencies(see the forums for post patch 1.2 bugs – I am not shooting the BS around) but they do not even have the commone sens to say anything to the keeners who spend time playing and trying to help them in their forums.

    Anyway – the game for me has no point because when you hit T4 the ORvR is a lag crash fest.

    I will let you read Marc Jacobs statement on the official site and the forums (T4 is completely negative)

    The company has hired people who do not understand PR, community morale building or how to be honest and give you a reason to hang around.

    I could go on but why bother.


  42. James Clarkeson

    One more thing -why do people fight with each other online on blogs? If you don’t agree witha person who cares? I mean provide some real substance to your post and if you can’t well then you are just talking BS. In my post above – you can disagree with me – but the relaity of the game right now is proven by:

    forum posts indicating that Realm vs. Ream in T4 sucks – it is ALL negatove

    forum post reporting post 1.2 bugs – there are more now then before the patch

    Marc Jacobs official statement where he admits to regrets

    the closing of I believe plus 40 servers

    an offer to give old players 10 free days and in game items to come back

    at times empty servers, unbalanced servers, the fact that the game is a PvP oriented one and that because they are not instanced you can only have a good battle IF people are online, and they are not there to play against all the time, Order wins more on all server and much more

    You can check this all out for yourself, but you have to resubscribe and play Dark Crag or one of their other 3 servers that has anybody on it

    To know what servers even have the sembalnce of a poulation you can check the server froums and you will note that Dark Crag, Phoenix Throne and Praag have a bunch of posts at around 1000 – 2000 but seriously this is nothing, very few people write in the forums and when they do, there are only a handful of posts that get over 25 – 50 posts. The biggest post with over 500 is the AoE is totally out of control! lol It is filled with arguments and hot headed comments.

    They even posted a video of Bright Wizrads stacking skills that proves the class is so OP that MDPS is ruined.

    But again – see for yourself. Yea I am preety fed up with Mythic. And yes I quit.


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