Daily Archives: March 20, 2009

Time for GDC San Francisco

The Game Developers Conference is coming to San Francisco again next week, March 23 through 27.

One of my birthday presents this year was an Expo Pass for the event, so I will be taking a day off of work and heading up to the show on Thursday the 26th.

My wife says I need to come back with better booth swag this year.  Pencils and Post-it notes just aren’t cutting it for her.  So if you’re working the show, hook me up!  Thanks!

I know I’ll see Darren up at the show, and I have to imagine that Brent will be up there somewhere.  But who else who reads this blog and doesn’t… you know… hate me or anything… will be at the show and have some free time to say “Hi?”

Last year we ended up having a nice dinner after the show before some people went off to the CCP party.  This year, with tough economic times upon us, I wonder how crowded the whole even will be?