And The Children Shall Lead…

My daughter likes to play on my account in World of Warcraft.

Specifically, she likes to fly around in the Outlands with one of my characters who has a flying mount.

She had not done that for a while, so when she wanted to fly around again the other day, I decided to give her a quick refresher on the controls.

I started off with, “The space bar makes you go up and the X key makes you go down…”

She replied in that voice that children adopt when they are suffering through their parents ignorance, “I know dad, it is the same as swimming!”

And I said, “It is?”

I’d been using the mouse to control all directional movement for swimming.

You learn something every day.

4 thoughts on “And The Children Shall Lead…

  1. KJP

    You think that’s bad? Back in my noob days I nearly drowned following a group swimming across Loch Modan because I was using the keyboard controls exclusively and couldn’t figure out why I was always angling downwards.


  2. dorgol

    Amusingly enough, the mouse controls you use for swimming can be used for flying.

    It’s actually much smoother. :)


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