Daily Archives: March 23, 2009

Just Mail Me The ISK Next Time

Economic activity in MMOs is often colored by the environmental factors as well as the attitudes of the players.  These often lead to market pricing decisions that do not always make a lot of sense.  The motivation of some people can be difficult to explain.

With my light missile economic experiment I have gotten to see a number of strange things.

In a particular system, and in all of the adjacent systems, I bought up all of the light missiles, many of which were priced below the cost to produce, and relisted them all at 18 ISK each.  I wanted to see if I could keep the price up at that level.  The investment wasn’t that much if things did not work out, and if they did, well, there was ISK to be made.

I mentioned before that one persistent player shows up every other day or so and lists a couple hundred thousand light missiles at 7.50 ISK.  And every time he does, I buy them up and relist them all at 18 ISK.

Recently, he changed his tactics slightly and started listing at 6.50 ISK.  I’m not sure how he figures that will drive me out of business, but I just keep buying up his stock.

Meanwhile, people seem quite content to buy light missiles at my price.

But yesterday a new player came on the scene.

I noticed that somebody bought a good part of my Bloodclaw light missiles from adjacent systems.  260,000 missiles went at 18 ISK each, and another 200,000 went at 20 ISK.  That is 8.68 million ISK in light missile sales in in just a couple of buys.  Very profitable for me, at least as a percentage of ISK invested.

Then I saw that somebody listed 1.2 million Bloodclaw light missiles in my target system with a price of 6.99 ISK each.  1.2 million missiles at that price came out to 8.54 million ISK.  I figured I might as well pick them up.  It would replenish my stock and I would still be ahead for the day in ISK.

After I bought them, I noticed that the seller was the same guy who purchased my missiles from the adjacent systems.  He must have been buying missiles in other systems as well.

So, looking at the net of my transactions with him, he gave me 740,000 Bloodclaw light missiles and 140,000 ISK.  If I sell all those missiles at 18 ISK each, which I plan to, he basically handed me 13 million ISK.  And this does not include the profit on the missiles he bought from me, which was close to another 4 million ISK, assuming I spent 10 ISK each on the missiles he bought, which is probably a high estimate.

Nice work, when you can get it.  But you stop wondering why people complain they cannot make money in these games when you see transactions like this.