Welcome to the Platinum Age

I know what my daughter an I will be doing this weekend.

I had to keep this hidden all week

I had to keep this hidden all week

You cannot tell from the picture, but the official guide book for Pokemon Platinum is thicker than the two guide books that they put out for Diamond and Pearl.  I hope it will hold up to rigorous use.

The book did come with a chart that is slightly more useful (and durable) than the posters that came with the older books.  On one side is a map of Sinnoh and on the reverse is a map of the underground that is annotated to show you both where to find things and also what location you need to be in above ground to get to certain areas. That will come in handy!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Platinum Age

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I was wondering that very thing this weekend.

    They have already re-used some colors by adding modifiers to them, so maybe we’ll see something like Pokemon BeetRed and SeaSickGreen.

    Or maybe they will go back to the beginning and “re-imagine” the earlier games with updated graphics on the DS. After all, it isn’t like Pokemon fans despise repetition.


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