March in Review

The Site

No huge changes to the site this month.  I removed SiteMeter.  I added it back in September and ran it until recently to compare the stats with what feeds me.  While it was interesting, I ended up feeling that it was not worth another chicklet on the sidebar.

I also removed a couple of links including I Can Has Cheezeburger.  I still actually look at the site daily via RSS, but I could not recommend people actually going there with their browser.  The site hosts so many badly behaving ads which leave behind so many cookies that you feel like you’ve been mugged by the girl scouts.

One thing I am looking to do is add another section of links to sites I read/recommend that do not fit in any of the current categories.

This seems easy, but there is a trick to it.

With a hosted blog, I can have only one blogroll.  That blogroll can be divided up into categories, but the categories will be displayed in alphabetical order.  You can see how everything between “A Random Post” and “The Humor Supplement” is so sorted.

So what I need is a category name that sorts out down at the bottom of the list, below “The Games I Watch,” that captures the idea of “other, non-game related sites I think you should take look at.”  I am leaning towards “Worth Reading,” but somehow that doesn’t seem quite right.  Your suggestions on this are welcome!

One Year Ago

I was again ruminating about the whole “Why So Much Fantasy in MMORPGs?” thing, this time on the shores of chaos.

We started to see the end of the “Brent hand picks the news” era over at VirginWorlds.  The reign of myself and CrazyKinux was near to an end.

I got a Nintendo DS Lite and my own copy of Pokemon Diamond for my birthday!

EverQuest celebrated its 9th anniversary.  A very nice time line print of the game was posted over at the EQ Dev blog to celebrate, along with a video.

In Lord of the Rings Online some sites were speculating about future expansions.  And then Turbine announced The Mines of Moria!  Meanwhile, I was trying to give out some founder’s referrals.  I think I still have one or two of those left.

In World of Warcraft, patch 2.4 was the latest end-of-the-world panic.  I was trying out Alterac Valley trying to get a mount, not reading that I needed to get exalted reputation to buy it.  Meanwhile the instance group made it to Shattrath and then hit the Blood Furnace while my wife and her friends were drinking apple-tinis.

Official forums were the talk again for a bit, as Marc Jacobs said he wasn’t going to have them for Warhammer Online.  No, the Warhammer Herald (to be created in the image of the Camelot Herald) was going to be enough.  Well, we know how that worked out.

And, finally, a year ago Gary Gygax left us.  We still miss him because we still feel his influence every day.

New Linking Sites

A big thank you to these sites that link here.

I encourage you to pay them a visit.

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Spam Comment of the Month

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EVE Online

Our little corp is very active.  I think I mentioned somewhere that we have 12 live accounts logging in regularly these days.  Granted, there are individuals with more than one account, like myself, but for a corp that was just me for a long time, it seems suddenly very active.

More people means more activity in more directions.  Mining ops and missions are being run more regularly.  A couple of members have been sneaking into 0.0 space for the fun of it.  New ships have shown up.  And there is more talk about a POS, though with the corp’s current standing with Amarr, it would have to be in a 0.1 system.  (My own standing with Amarr is 6.5, so if the corp were just me….)

Lord of the Rings Online

I hate to say that LOTRO broke my old video card, but the death of my second 8800GT did seem to coincide with my actively playing the game.  I have been back in game since I installed the ASUS 4850, but have not done much other than test out how the Middle-earth looked with the new card.  LOTRO suffers from being the “third game” I play, and the one where I end up solo most of the time.

Runes of Magic

I keep patching it, but I don’t play.  I keep thinking I will get around to giving it a try.  Recently some friends started playing on the Artemis server, so I might have to actually play some just to say hello.

World of Warcraft

I ended up playing a lot of WoW over the last month.  The instance group has come off hiatus and is starting to get back into the swing of things.  Then there is the weekend play with my mother and daughter.  And in between I have been fooling around with inscription, harvesting herbs, and playing the auction house game to build up a supply of gold for the guild.

On the down side, after playing with driver versions and my motherboard BIOS, my video card is still unreliable in Northrend in general and Dalaran in particular.  I’d moan about the pain of the bleeding edge, but my video card has been out since last Summer.  Bleh!

Nintendo DS

Pokemon Platinum has landed, and it is good.  One of the minor flaws with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (and with Platinum as well) is that you can only have a single saved game on each cartridge and I have not been able to bring myself to delete my character to replay the game again, so have been stuck in that whole end game scene including the National Pokedex grind.  With Platinum though, I have had a chance to start again fresh and it has been a lot of fun.  More fun than I thought it would be, though not so much that I would be willing to deleted my character in Diamond.  Still, it may motivate me to play the Pearl cartridge that has been collecting dust at our house.

Coming Up

EVE Online has this whole new expansion, Apocrypha, that has brought a few interesting items to the table.  No doubt I’ll have something to say about that.

The return of the instance group will hopefully lead to a post announcing the downfall of Ingvar the Plunderer.

And I am sure I will find other items to fill the days and solve any insomnia issues Brent may have.